You Might Wanna Start Wearing This Celeb-Approved Accessory

Dainty-turned-radical for our very own 20s era.
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Pearl necklaces are the dainty but radical accessory that transforms any outfit into your new-age 1920s era inner fashion rockstar. 

WATCH: Harry Styles performs Watermelon Sugar at the Grammys 2021.

As we enter our own 20s’, 100 years on, there’s no time like the present to take it back to the flapper era, but in an elevated Gen Z aesthetic that is gender fluid and inventive.

The humble pearl necklace was famously donned by none other than the king of our hearts, Harry Style, who has been pioneering the trend way back since May 2019 when he slayed the red carpet by stepping out at the Met Gala wearing a single pearl earring.

Since then, he has been mostly spotted wearing pearl necklaces, which he has worn on the Graham Norton Show, Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball, and various red carpets.

Since then, the trend has taken over Hollywood, and your favourite stars with the most exciting and often avant-garde fashion sense have been wearing the trend like it will never die.

Have a look at the celebs who have rocked pearl necklaces:

Billie looking elegantly cool. (Credit: Instagram)

Billie Eilish 

She may have recently rocked the internet when she debuted her new blonde hair colour, but the singer didn’t want to give our hearts a break when she posted a picture of herself looking nonchalantly cool wearing a thin pearl necklace.

Her delicate take on the trend is different from the more bold and large pearls we have been seeing, but this subtly edgy take is like wearing tulle to a punk concert, it just works. 

Our king. (Credit: Getty)

Harry Styles 

There is really not much to say here.

It’s simple, Harry is killing the fashion game, and he is proving that men can look absolutely sexy in pearls, and he is the gateway to all men who will now feel comfy trying out the trend.

Basically, in Harry, we trust – and in Harry, we thrive.

We love love love. (Credit: Getty)

Jaden Smith 

Jaden has always been down to experiment with fashion from skirts to clashing patterns, and there is no look he won’t try.

So we weren’t surprised to see him tackle grandma-fashion at the VMA’s when he showed up wearing a pearl necklace and a nana cardigan – oh, and did we mention he nailed it?

“I’ve been reflecting on my feelings towards the recent discussions of the treatment of women by men and I’ve landed here.” (Credit: Instagram)

Patrick O’Connor 

The Home and Away actor is a prime example of how the pearl necklace is a radical accessory.

It can truly subvert rigid social gender norms by defying them, and his emotional Instagram post that spoke about gender equality proved this.

He captioned the post, “Over the past couple of days I’ve been reflecting on my feelings towards the recent discussions of the treatment of women by men and I’ve landed here.

“I’ll start with this, I attended one of the schools that was listed on #ChanelContos rape culture petition in Australia. I know personally just how toxic the ‘boys will be boys’ culture is; it brought me hurt in school and for the most part school is something I’d rather just forget about. I’m saddened and embarrassed at the same time because I know from being there, that this behaviour is still so prevalent in our culture.

“To the young men who are struggling with their own masculinity at school.. I get it, I’ve been there. When you’re a thirteen year old boy at an all boys school you’re surrounded by others who are wanting to boost their ego and prove just how ‘manly’ they can be; taking a stand against that is a confronting thought. You might be scared that if you challenge your brothers, that you’ll get hurt, laughed at or even bullied. For the most part, that is the reality. But if you can do it even just once, you send an immensely strong, important message that the culture must change. You are so much more of a ‘man’ for doing that than those boys will ever be.

He ended his stirring message: “As men, we would be nowhere without the women in our lives. We need to stop this at the source. That starts with educating young boys at the beginning of their lives that there is no place for this behaviour.

Have respect for yourself, have respect for women and more importantly have the respect to call it out when you see it.”

Lizzo chose more traditional pearls, which look divine. (Credit: Getty)


Do what the Queen of the Juice says and “Boss up and change your life,” by donning a pearl necklace and shine. 

This looks makes the pearls so dapper. (Credit: Getty)

Shawn Mendez 

This Canadian crooner looks kinda like a 70s Mafia boss in this little getup, although, we are also kinda getting Village People vibes if they were high fashion. 

Either way, like Hazza, he is also making a great case for how swoon worthy a pearl necklace is. 

Bella’s pearls are as high-fashun as her glam job. (Getty)

Bella Hadid 

The model looks so on-trend in her pearl necklace that she has paired with a pink beanie and leather jacket. However, her look stands out because the chain includes a gold statement pendant at the front. 

Layering jewellery is the only way. (Credit: Getty)

Jennifer Lawrence 

Girl ain’t a fashion muse for nothing. Jen opted to shake up the trend by pairing a pearl choker with long and gold statement necklaces, giving fashionable pirate vibes.

And so, as we drool over how the celebs wore them, we look at where you can shop your own. 

Keep scrolling for our fave pearl necklaces you can shop right now!

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