Dress Like The OG Carrie Bradshaw With These Outfits Inspired By Indi Aussie Fashion

Carrie but make it Gen Z.
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And just like that, we have felt the cultural cringe from Sex and The City’s reboot.

WATCH: Carrie Bradshaw’s most iconic moments from Sex And The City.

Don’t worry, we have no intentions to discuss that example of ‘what not to do with a classic piece of television,’ instead, we want to pirouette right back to its OG series to lust over its sartorial delights.

Our heroine or villain (really depends on who you ask), Carrie Bradshaw, is a fashion killer in every sense of the word.

She tiptoes the lines between chic, fashion-forward, and quirky with ease afforded to those who are comfortable experimenting with their look – even if it garners perplexed stares.

The fashion moment most synonymous with the fictional icon is her tiered tutu skirt.

The look is featured in the show’s opening sequence, and it really sets her sartorial tone.

Although it isn’t particularly reality friendly, we have always fantasised about pulling it off and frolicking through the city. 

Then there is the newspaper dress designed by John Galliano for Christian Dior, and it’s a look that has embedded itself so deeply into pop culture that some of our biggest 2020s IT girls have worn versions of this design.

In season two, episode 15, Carrie stepped out in a simple but so sexy it hurts mini-LBD dress for a post-breakup moment. We guess you could call it her Princess Diana move. And we have been scouring the internet for our own version ever since we first laid eyes on her.

To remember when SATC was our fashion mecca, we found four (including that tutu moment) outfit dupes designed by Independent Australian labels to copy some of Carrie’s best looks. 


Pinot Noir Can Can Mini Skirt, $240.00, Dyspnea; Aquamarine Baller-ina Mini Skirt, $199.00, Dyspnea; Bay, $219.00, Alias Mae. 

Dyspnea is a quirky label that designs these very wearable but impactful ballet-inspired skirts, and Alias Mae’s strappy kitten heel is almost the perfect copy of Carrie’s.


Paris Circa 2004 Top, $169.00, Dyspnea; Forever Jeans in Organic Denim, $250, Naomi Murrell. 

This Dyspnea top and Naomi Murrell jeans are the perfect case study for how Carrie would dress if she were from generation Z.


White Classic Shirt, $189.00, Apres Studios; Document Hand-Pleated Skirt, $275.00, Permanent Vacation.

This oversized white shirt and pleated black shirt are a more polished and cohesive take on Carrie’s outfit.


Francesca Midi Dress Potenza Floral Print, $309.00, Faithful The Brand; Lalika Midi Dress Valencia Floral Print, $199.00, Faithful The Brand. 

Ahh, Carrie’s floral midi dress is perfect for the summer holidays, and lucky for us it looks like Faithful The Brand took inspiration from this look!

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