Hello, It’s The 90s Calling – Butterfly Clips Are Back!

And they're cuter than ever!
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When it comes to hair, it’s easy to sink into a self-inflicted status quo but fret not, dress your hair up with the 90’s most playful accessory, butterfly clips.

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The trend has blown up on TikTok, and the girls on there are breathing Gen Z life into the 90’s creation and putting those origonal butterfly clip trailblazers to shame.

The TikTok girls have found unique ways to place the clips in their hair, some are choosing to get weird with it and putting the clips in random places on their head, and others are taking a more specific approach like adding them to the end of their braids or in the shape of a halo to hold back their hair.

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Girls with textured and curly hair, the inspo is endless as this trend is literally perfect when accompanied by the versatility of curls.

There are plenty of tutorials on TikTok like this one below.

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To find original 90’s butterfly clips is a little tricky, but perhaps if you keep a sharp eye out, there may be the remnants of a bygone era in your local op-shop.

But to save you from turning your city’s charity shops upside down, here are some online stores selling either 90’s replicas or modern-day versions of the butterfly clips.

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The jewellery shop Lovisa sells the clips and they are especially cute because they are embellished with glitter and come in cherry red, aqua, and white. 


Plastic Butterfly Claw Clip Pouch, $15.99 on Lovisa.

Asos has a more unique and bold design, which is kind of breaking butterfly clip style rules because it is just one big and gold butterfly. 

Still, it is a great starter for anyone wanting to dip their toe into the trend but not totally embrace the purposeful tackiness dominating street style. 


Asos Design hair clip in butterfly design in gold tone, $7.00 on Asos

BooHoo has a tamer take on the butterfly clip as they are simple, clear, mini clips sans the butterfly, but they are a great way to live the trend if you aren’t so into the idea of an insect chilling on your head. 


Mini Hair Clips, $3.00 on Boohoo.

Shein sells the cutest mini butterfly clips that come in a tub and are the perfect multicoloured dream to spruce up your hair routine when you want a break from your headscarf.  


Butterfly Design Hair Claw, $6.95 on Shein

Shein also sells butterfly clips in other aesthetics like multicolouredpastelmatte and glossy


Butterfly Clip Design Hair Claw, $4.95 on Shein


Butterfly Shaped Hair Claw, $6.95 on Shein


Baby Butterfly Design Hair Claw, $7.95 on Shein

This trend is the chance to experiment like crazy because you can style these clips however you want. 

For real, this is the one trend with no rules to hold you back – go for it!

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