People are losing it over the colour of Billie Eilish’s shoes

Is it pink and white or mint and white? 🤯🤯🤯
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Billie Eilish is bringing it back to 2015 with her latest Instagram story conundrum: are these shoes pink and white or green and white?

Over the weekend, Eilish responded to some fans questions on Instagram, where someone asked her about The Dress. If you don’t remember, back in 2015, the internet went into a chaotic frenzy over the colour of a viral wedding gown. To this day, some say it was white and gold, others see brown and blue, and other combinations of colours. As Eilish saw it, the dress was blue and gold.

Then, she created her own fashion optical illusion and 2020’s take on The Dress: her new pair of Nike shoes. As she shared in a follow up post on her story, her dad, who bought her a pair of Nike’s Air More Uptempo line, thought the shoes were pink and white. But, photos online show they come in a mint green and white. 

Billie Eilish's shoes.
Eilish’s picture of her alleged “pink and white” shoes. (Credit: Billie Eilish’s Instagram.)
Billie Eilish's shoes.
A screenshot of Billie Eilish’s Nike Air More Umptempo shoes… in “Mint White.” (Credit: Billie Eilish’s Instagram.)
Billie Eilish's shoes.
A new pic of Billie Eilish’s Nike Air More Uptempo kicks, which now look… mint green. I don’t know what to believe. (Credit: Billie Eilish’s Instagram.)

Needless to say, Eilish, fans and us here at Girlfriend are confused. What colour are Billie Eilish’s Nike kicks? Pink and white? Green and white? Why do we care so much? And is this all a twisted new level of our 2020 simulation???

“Every time I look at Billie Eilish’s story, those shoes are a different colour,” added one comment on Twitter.

“Billie Eilish getting into a heated argument over the colour of her shoes is one of the highlights of my day.”

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