A Gem For A Gem: The Best Jewellery Gifts For Your Loved Ones

The perfect additions to any jewellery box.
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It’s Scorpio season baby! And what better way to complement your favourite enigmatic water sign with some fierce gems to match their fierce personality?

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When it comes to knowing what to give your friends and family, beautiful jewellery never goes astray.

Whether it be a funky pair of hooped earrings or a gorgeous new charm, jewels are always on trend and the perfect way to accessorise any outfit.

If you’re looking for some decadent gems to gift your favourite Scorpios, or maybe you’ve even started your Christmas shopping (it’s the organisational skills for us), then we’ve got you covered.

(Credit: asos)

ASOS | Glamorous Chunky Square Hoop Earrings In Gold

You can absolutely never go wrong with gifting a hoop. These chunky, gold, square options are very on trend and the perfect companion to any outfit.

You can find them via asos for currently $8.40.

(Credit: Colette)

Colette | Gold Layered Chains And Pearls Necklace

Layering is in. This gold and pearl necklace set from Colette’s Brighter She Shines collection does all the layering work for you. With two gorgeous gold chains accompanied by a pearl option, your gift receiver will be accessorised to the max.

You can find the set via Colette for currently $16.99

(Credit: Pandora)

Pandora ME Compass Mini Dangle 

A charm is always charming. And versatile. This sparkling silver and pink compass charm from the Pandora ME collection can be added to a bracelet, earring, necklace and more!

You can find it via Pandora for currently $25

(Credit: The Iconic)

The Iconic | Orelia London Clean Metal Oval Signet Ring

It’s just like Taylor Swift said, some things just never go out of style. And gold rings are one of them. This pale gold oval signet ring from the Orelia London collection is the perfect addition to any jewellery box.

You can find it via The Iconic for currently $40

(Credit: Lovisa)

Lovisa | Sterling Silver Crystal Stone Necklace And Earrings Set

If your loved one is more into silver than gold, look no further than this sterling silver crystal stone necklace and earrings set from Lovisa. Featuring a decadent crystal design, it is perfect for that special someone.

You can find it via Lovisa for currently $42.99.

(Credit: Pandora)

Pandora ME Hoop Link Earring

A rose gold moment is always welcome. This hoop link earring from the Pandora ME collection is a trendy accessory on its own, and can be customised by adding different stunning charms depending on the occasion, mood… or star sign, of course.

You can find it via Pandora for currently $69.

(Credit: By Charlotte)

By Charlotte | 14K Gold November Citrine Birthstone Pendant 

If you’re after a personalised gift for your loved one, a birthstone pendant could be the way to go. This iridescent citrine gem is the stone for November, but you can select a different month’s jewel according to who you’re gifting the charm to.

You can find it via By Charlotte for currently $99.

(Credit: Pandora)

Pandora ME Link Chain Bracelet 

For those partial to a bracelet over a necklace, this sterling silver link chain bracelet from the Pandora ME collection is a minimalistic option to complete your loved one’s collection. Perfect on its own, or a quality base to accompany luxurious pendants and charms.

You can find it via Pandora for currently $119.

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