The Best Bikini Brands For Big Boobs This Hot Girl Summer

We all deserve swimwear that makes us feel supported and cute!
Supplied/RAQ Apparel/Marvell Lane

Every Aussie girl with big boobs knows how frustrating it can be to find a bikini when summer rolls around.

While our A-, B-, C- and D-cup friends play mix and match with cute triangle bikini tops and trendy bandeaus, we’re often left with one or two frumpy one-pieces to choose from.

They’re usually boring, plain and super modest – which is fine if that’s what you’re shopping for, but most of us aren’t!

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We big-boobed girls want cute, comfy cossies just as much as the rest of the Australian population, so where should we shop, and why are these bikinis so hard to find?

Girlfriend reached out to some of Australia’s best big-boob swimwear companies to find out the truth.

“I’ve had big boobs for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I spent a lot of time by the beach and I was really self-conscious of my boobs,” says RAQ Apparel’s director Sophia Argyropoulos.

I struggled to find anything that fit me and I had a sneaky suspicion that my experience was not unique. So, I took matters into my own hands.”

Fed up with the fashion industry for ignoring the existence of busty women, she started the company to cater to girls like her – and there were a lot of them.

RAQ Apparel designs limited edition swimwear for busty people, by busty people. (Credit: Instagram/RAQ Apparel)

With an estimated 60 per cent of Aussie women wearing a D-cup bra or larger, it’s shocking that most swimwear companies don’t carry styles suitable for bigger busts.

Marvell Lane designer and founder Rachael Calvert tells Girlfriend it’s cheaper and easier for big brands to stick to limited size ranges, like small, medium and large, which is why busty girls get left out.

“When you think of stock in a traditional swimwear store, there might be size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and maybe 18. It’s about five or six sizes the store has to carry,” she says.

“[Marvell Lane] runs in bra sizes, so that’s 30 sizes. Then you times that by colours and styles, it’s a lot of stock for a traditional store to hold! That’s why you don’t see it.”

It costs more money to produce so many sizes and styles, especially in bigger speciality sizes that require more fabric and materials.

Marvell Lane is all about sustainable and ethical practices when it comes to making busty swimwear. (Credit: Instagram/Marvell Lane)

Sophia says she thinks most companies just “put us big boob people in the too-hard-basket” – and yeah, it sucks.

“It’s not fair at all! We all deserve to own swimwear that makes us feel supported and cute,” she adds.

Brands like RAQ Apparel, Marvell Lane, and more online boutiques cater to girls with fuller busts, but they can be pricey and hard to track down.

If you can’t shop online or want to save money, there are ways to make bikinis from mainstream brands that work for you – though they might not be as comfy.

Rachael suggests looking for styles that have fully adjustable straps and back closures, then choosing a size that fits your bust and tightening the back/straps for support.

This is the big boob bikini vibe for 2021! (Credit: Supplied/RAQ Apparel)

“Look out for versatility and adjustability,” Sophia adds. “Stretchy fabric in the cups, adjustable straps, and multiple settings at the back so you can adjust the band.”

They both recommend getting properly fitted – whether it’s in store or online – so you know you’re in the right size, as that can make a huge difference!

And if you’re struggling to find swimwear that fits you this summer, remember that YOU aren’t the problem, the product is.

“Your body is perfect and healthy exactly as it is. It’s the products that are the problem, not your body,” Rachael says.

Too true! Now it’s time to embrace the warmer weather and find a bikini that is cute, comfy and totally supportive for the summer.

Shop our favourite swimwear brands for busty girls

(Credit: Supplied/RAQ Apparel)

RAQ Apparel

“Swimwear designed by busty people, for busty people,” is the first thing you’ll read on the RAQ Apparel site – and it’s so true.

Carrying bikinis in sizes from an 8D/DD all the way through to a 14GG/H (and everything in between) this brand is all about providing support that’s actually cute and youthful.

And they’re still expanding their size range, with plans to introduce band sizes 16 and 18 in their bikini tops, and brief sizes 18 and 20.

New styles will also be dropping for Summer 21/22 this month (like the one pictured above), so keep your eyes glued to the RAQ Apparel website and Instagram.

Shop the RAQ Apparel range here, with swimwear starting from $49.

(Credit: Supplied/Marvell Lane)

Marvell Lane

Marvell Lane is all about quality swimwear for busty women that will last you plenty of summers.

Carrying top sizes 8D through to 16H and brief sizes 8 up to 18, there will definitely be something that fits you and makes you feel amazing.

Plus, the brand is all about sustainable and ethical practices so you can shop knowing you’re not supporting any dodgy practices or underpaid work.

New styles will be dropping for summer soon, including the stunning Lola bikini in Mauve (pictured above) and yeah, we’ll be ordering that one stat.

Shop the Marvell Lane range here, with swimwear starting from $74.95.

(Credit: Instagram/Monday Swimwear)

Monday Swimwear

If you’re after trendy, minimalist swimwear done well, look no further than Monday Swimwear.

Carrying tops in sizes all the way from AAA-cup to G-cup, plus bottoms up to a size 18, there’s something for almost every size in the range.

Just keep an eye on Monday’s unique sizing chart when you’re shopping, as it lists sizes from P (smallest) to VVV (largest) which can be a little confusing.

Fortunately, there’s a super detailed fit guide that even explains which tops and one-pieces are best for each body type, including us busty girls.

Shop the Monday Swimwear range here, with swimwear starting from $98 AUD (Note: prices on the site are in USD).

(Credit: Instagram/Form and Fold)

Form and Fold

First of all, we’re obsessed with Form and Fold’s new Clay collection (pictured above in the crop style) and will be getting our hands on a set ASAP.

With that out of the way, let us introduce you to a super chic brand that offers tops in sizes D to G and bottoms up to a size 16.

Form and Fold is run by two busty women, Carly and Stephanie, who are just as passionate about designing swimwear for busty girls as they are about reducing the brand’s environmental footprint.

They use eco-conscious fabrics and materials, reduce waste and use recycled materials for their packaging – so shopping here is a win for you and the environment.

Shop the Form and Fold range here, with swimwear starting from $80.

(Credit: Instagram/Freya Lingerie)


Brava Lingerie carries styles from a whole range of swimwear brands that offer cute, supportive bikinis and one pieces.

While not all the styles on the Brava site or in store will be exactly what a young girl is after, sets like the Freya one pictured above are totally on trend and still made to flatter fuller busts.

Expect to see styles from a number of brands we’ve already mentioned on this list, as well as swimwear from Elomi, Fantasie, Panache, Freya and Prima Donna.

Shop the range of swimwear brands and styles available from Brava here.

(Credit: ASOS)


While ASOS may not be your first throught when it comes to busty swimwear, they actually have a huge range of styles designed to support bigger boobs.

The price range is also pretty large, with more expensive bikinis as well as plenty of affordable options for when you’re on a budget.

Plus, the styles are usually pretty trends – this is ASOS after all!

Shop the Fuller Bust DD+ Swimwear range from ASOS here.

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