Your Fave Aussie Influencers Are Wearing This One Key Trend At Fashion Week

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The punky trend stomping through the pavements at Australian Fashion Week 2021 is equal parts statement and practical.

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Seventies punk-era London would be scrambling to get their hands on the 2021 edit of the chunky boot trend that has planted itself heavy-footed into our sartorial ambitions.

Best believe that the likes of Debbie Harry, David Bowie, Micheal Hutchence and Joan Jett would have devoured this trend.

While Doc Martins have reigned like supreme gods over the chunky boot hype that has been a mainstay in the wardrobes of artists and creatives, they are no longer the one place to find these striking and durable boots.

These boots have a stocky soul and a thick leather outer layer that can either stop at the ankle or go up to the knee.

The various iterations speak to a different attitude, but one thing will remain: your stride will be powerful.

And nothing quite says anarchy to the patriarchy like a severe and androgynous boot.

This hardcore trend has been stamping its rubber soul onto fashion weeks hottest street style moments, and we have spotted some Aussie influencers who have each imprinted their own take on the trend into their fabulous aesthetics.

Here are the Girlfriend influencers who made this trend work!

This look is a modern retro aesthetic. (Credit: Instagram)

Cartia Mallan 

Cartia wore these knee-high leather boots that feature a thick pointed toe to the Romance Was Born fashion show.

She opted to style her boots with a 70s leaning, high-slit, Pucci patternesque midi dress with her hair styled like Morticia Addams.

Pantless looks were also a big trend. (Credit: Getty)

Violet Grace Atkinson 

Violet has paired her Sportmax suit with Bottega Veneta shoes, which are the most iconic version of this trend responsible for ushering it back into the mainstream.

Her choice to curate her ultra-feminine outfit with those boulevard stompers feels unexpected and vibrant.

You could knock someone out with these shoes. (Credit: Instagram)

Nawal Sari 

Nawal chose to contrast elegance with punk for her Australian Fashion Week outfit, which is the perfect juxtaposition and proves just how versatile the trend can be.

The shoes completely elevate the Zimmerman dress, and the way Nawal’s black hijab, black bag and black boots are styled together is cohesive and visually satisfying.

Saskia is centre right in the green top. (Credit: Instagram)

Saskia Teje Jenkins

The model has had a few boot moments throughout this year’s fashion week, and she’s dabbled in boxy toed ops to thick flat soles.

Both looks are styled in unique ways and evoke different vibes, which is more proof that this trend fits any occasion if styled thoughtfully.

Here are some street style moments from Australian Fashion Week that prove this trend is everywhere. 

Oversized blazers were also a notable trend. (Credit: Nikki Chowdhury)
Shades of brown were popping up in a big way. (Credit: Getty)
All black ensembles are made more interesting by statement pieces. (Credit: Getty)

Get in touch with your rioter soul by picking up your own edit of this fire trend. 

(Credit: The Universal Store)

Therapy Yosemite Black PU, $119.95 from Universal Store. 

(Credit: The Iconic)

AERE Chunky Leather Sock Boots, $199.00 from The Iconic. 

(Credit: The Iconic)

Alias Mae Pixie, $289.95 from The Iconic. 

(Credit: Tony Bianco)

Tony Bianco Seattle Black Como Calf Boots, $279.95 from Tony Bianco

(Credit: Alias Mae)

CAM, $289.95 from Alias Mae. 

(Credit: Tony Bianco)

Crews Black Como Ankle Boots, $200.00 from Tony Bianco. 

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