Queen of Tumblr Alexa Chung’s Most Iconic Twee Fashion Moments

She's our forever IT Girl.
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If you were on Tumblr in 2013-2015, you know that Alexa Chung was THAT GIRL.

WATCH: Fashion wisdom with Alexa Chung. 

Every other post was about her, and she earned that mantel of adoration for her immaculate style, making her our fashion icon.

After all, she’s the perfect amalgamation of all our favourite icons like Jane Birkin, Anna Karina, Wednesday Adams, and 70s Rockers.

Over the past week, Tumblr has emerged from its ashes on TikTok with its Grunge and Twee aesthetics taking over the platform, and Vogue even published an article titled, “The 2014 Tumblr Girl is back.”

Although, those who spent their Tuesday nights before school in a Tumblr hole may remember Twee was known as Hipster (nowadays, it’s a lifestyle choice that goes beyond fashion and see Melbourne for context).

Alexa wasn’t the OG IT Girl, but she was EVERYWHERE on Tumblr, so she was basically the Kate Moss of the site, but instead of covering Vogue, she was a guest editor in 2009 and had a Mulberry bag named after her.

But perhaps the reason she, a Twee enthusiast, transcended Tumblr with such vigour was because she intersected with another sub obsession. 

Alex and Alexa looking very Twee. (Credit: Getty)

She had been in a soulmate romance (don’t quote us, this was our collective projection on their private relationship) with Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.

The couple had broken up by the time we were obsessing over them on Tumblr, but the band dropped their most iconic album AM during those years, and it was also EVERYWHERE.

One Direction may have been the biggest boy band in the world, but this indie rock band from Sheffield fully cemented itself within our fantasies of 70s rock glam, Arabella, and slick base.

We digress, but before we get back on track, who can forget Alex’s leaked love letter for Alexa.

The poem begins with the line, “My mouth hasn’t shut up about you since you kissed it,” and we still read it once a year. 

Looking back, Tumblr was quite a British place because its Grunge aesthetic will always have roots in the UK, and Effy from Skins had our misplaced worship, all while Twee can be credited to British pop and fashion (Alexa wasn’t the only gal playing with it).

America has its influence here, too, because, as TikTok reminded us, Zooey Deschanel was its Twee figurehead (Although she was more schoolteacher vibe, whereas Alexa had that model off duty rocker chic look we aspired to).

And musical acts The Neighbourhood, Lana Del Ray, and Halsey filled the US’ grunge soundtrack.

Alexa’s aesthetic was stylised by her French girl cardigans, blouses, tights, double-breasted coats, tights with skirts, tights under shorts, overalls, Mary Janes, loafers, and stripy jumpers.

Because we have been looking for an excuse to talk about circa 2013-2015 Alexa (although she still serves now and is an accomplished designer for her namesake label), we’re seizing the moment by revisiting her best Twee fashion moments. 

(Credit: Getty)

Outfit highlight: Those chunky Mary Janes. 

(Credit: Getty)

Outfit highlight: Straight leg jeans with back stockings – twas a vibe. 

(Credit: Getty)

Outfit highlight: A nod to the Victorian era. 

(Credit: Getty)

Outfit highlight: The dashing bow around the nape of her shirt. 

(Credit: Getty)

Outfit highlight: A chunky sweater with a slick leather min-dress. 

(Credit: Getty)

Outfit highlight: The blush blue coat styled with a purple mini-dress. 

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