Wearing your headscarf like a 60s movie star is London Fashion Week’s favourite accessory

Perfect for bad hair days!
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Last year wearing silk scarfs tucked under your hair was the hottest summer accessory that every IT girl on planet earth couldn’t get enough of, but now its newest update has come along, and she’s braver, bolder, and far more fabulous.    

WATCH: Fashion wisdom with Alexa Chung. 

In 2022, the headscarf is taking it back to 60s Hollywood, but instead of wearing it over our hair to keep our beehives neat, it’s to make a timeless statement.

As fabulous as this style is, it’s also a bold one, especially since it hasn’t circled the fashion trend drain since, well, the 60s.

It was once worn by the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe, but now IT girls like Alexa Chung and Dua Lipa are introducing it into their wardrobes.

The trend is also popping up throughout fashion week, but no city is more enthusiastic about it than London, and it’s not surprising because it’s one of the most daring fashion capitals.

Street style queens embrace the 60s headscarf with their leather jackets, puffer coats, and jeans, which adjusts the formally stuffy, Queen Elizabethesque look into something modern and so convincingly Gen Z that they could almost try and take credit for it. 

Alexa Chung never misses with a trend. (Credit: Instagram)

To play with this trend, you need to invest in a larger scarf than the one you’ve been using to hold your hair back because you need enough material to wrap it around your neck. Otherwise, it will fall off all day and end up draped around your shoulders (although that’s also a super cute look).

Trust us, it may take a little bit of inner confidence to start wearing this look, but you’re not going back once you try.

It’s a rare fashion moment that inspires hearts to swoon with sartorial envy and offers practical value.

If you wake up with oily hair, bring out the headscarf, and problem solved.

If you need to slip through crowds incognito, drape your headscarf over your head, and you’re hidden.

Wearing it over a cap is instantly 2022. (Image: Instagram)

If you wake up feeling uninspired, throw on your headscarf, and head out the door looking like you’re straight off the Milan runway. 

However, we say there is only ONE reason you need to wear this trend: You will have the effortless energy of a young starlet on the preface of icon status, especially if you pair it with oversized sunglasses.

To look like the second coming of Elizabeth Taylor at the bookshop, pick up one of these silk scarfs.

(Credit: The Iconic)

Subtitled Tropicana Silky Head Scarf, $29.95, The Iconic. 

(Credit: The Iconic)

Leo Lin La Casa Scarf, $114.60, The Iconic. 

(Credit: Gorman)

Wildflower Scarf, $34.50, Gorman. 

(Credit: Asos)

Asos Design Headlscarf, $12.00, Asos. 

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