5 Halloween costumes for lazy people

Fun, fancy and freaky.

Halloween is ON! It’s the time to look scary, bloody and all sorts of weird. Don’t even mention all the lollies, soft drink and everything else you’re allowed to eat and drink. ~PARTY!~ Here are some of our fave ideas on how to get a scary-ish outfit when you left it to the last minute.

Regina George

Means Girls without the ‘mean’, copy what Cady and Janis did to Regina’s top and use that as inspo on any T-shirt you like and rock a ‘Queen-of-the-high-school’ look.


Who’s not scared of a ninja? Try rocking the all black look to scare everyone else with your super lethal outfit ideas!

Effie from Hunger Games

Think loud clothes, bright colours, fun prints and cray make-up. This chick was scary!

Tay’s Girl Squad

Who doesn’t want to be T-Swift, while at the same time shivering in their boots about her sheer awesomeness? Yep. Gather your pals, pick someone to be Tay and you’re set. 

A Jellyfish

If all else fails, the trusty umbrella with streamers attached is a pretty great jellyfish. Don’t get too close, tho!

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