Zac Efron has officially “inspected and put in an offer” on a house in Byron Bay

Brb, going up the coast for a lil bit…
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Good news everyone! High School Musical star, Netflix travel guru and all round all time crush Zac Efron has officially set his sights on a place in Byron Bay and committed to staying. So, umm, Byron weekend trip when???

In case you missed it, the Baywatch star was first spotted back in early July where he reportedly expressed interest in moving out of the bustling, busy and Hollywood lifestyle of Los Angeles to the quiet, calm beaches of Byron Bay. Then, just last week, he allegedly “missed his flight” back home to LA, where he sparked even more confusion.

“[Zac] was only planning to fly home if he had to,” an anonymous source told the Daily Mail. “He didn’t really want to go back to America.”

According to the report, Efron bought his missed ticket when he first arrived in Byron months ago, but never planned on actually taking it. Instead, he bought the ticket as a backup plan on the off-chance that his visa extension was denied by the Department of Home Affairs. But, fortunately, his visa was reportedly extended from three months to a full year, which is where his new property comes in. 

According to the Daily Telegraph, the 32-year-old actor was eyeing a property, inspected and put an offer on it but was outsold by another bidder (boo). It’s unclear whether the property in question was the same famous luxury getaway the former Disney star rented on the northern coastal town in New South Wales, which you can see below.

With Zac Efron moving to Byron Bay, maybe he’ll make a cheeky cameo in this new Stan original teen series that’s being filmed nearby

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