What Is The *Real* Reason Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Broke Up?

Are they the IRL La La Land couple??
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If you’re like us… you are absolutely head over heels in love with Andrew Garfield.

WATCH: Emma Stone’s reaction to Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissing

And considering how much of a chokehold this man has had on our social media lately, and the fact you’ve clicked on this article, we think the chances are high.

The recent AG craze has caused people to delve back into his Spider-Man era, which just so happened to coincide with his relationship with Emma Stone (who we are also in love with 😩😍).

The pair dated for around four years before sadly calling it quits. But why? WHY? 

We’ve done some digging to answer all of your questions about their relationship: how it started, how it ended, and where they stand these days.

We’re a child of divorce 😭. (Credit: Getty)

How did Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone meet?

On set for The Amazing Spider-Man in 2011! Andrew portrayed Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Emma portrayed his love interest, Gwen Stacy.

The chemistry was instant for these two, with Andrew revealing just how much of an impact Emma had on him during her audition.

Have you heard the sound “she was like a shot of espresso” on your TikTok FYP lately? Yeahhhh, that was Andrew speaking about Emma. Goals.

“She’s incredibly energetic and enthusiastic and she had this sense of play and fun, which was incredibly exciting,” Andrew continued in a special feature for the movie’s Blu-Ray/DVD release.

And that’s not the only time the actor has gushed about his former flame.

“It was like I woke up when she came in,” he said to Teen Vogue. “It was like diving into white-water rapids and having no desire to hang onto the side. Throughout shooting, it was wild and exciting.”

Someone get this man a poetry contract 😩😍.

While their passion was undeniable on-screen, it was when the cameras weren’t rolling that the pair had the most fun.

“That was the fun stuff: In between, we’d just mess around, and I felt, ‘Ah, this is different.’,” Andrew told MTV.

“I wasn’t really aware what was happening in the screen test. She keeps you on your toes, and that wakes you up. That was the beginning.”

Andrew and Emma met while filming The Amazing Spider-Man. (Credit: Getty)

When did Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone start dating?

Well, considering they’re both very private about their love lives, there isn’t an official date.

But ☝️

They both reportedly split with their respective partners in the first half of 2011. Don’t be suspicious…. don’t be suspicious.


In March 2012, Andrew and Emma were spotted kissing and holding hands in New York.

Queue the Spider-Man press tour where the chemistry was truly ✨ immaculate ✨ 🤌.

We later found out that in August that year, to celebrate Andrew’s 29th birthday, Emma and his friends surprised the actor in Disneyland, along with… um… a little something extra.

“They came out to LA to surprise me, we went to Disneyland and we ate pot brownies. It was literally heaven,” he told W Magazine.

Emma and Andrew reportedly stayed together throughout filming for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

They even attended the 2014 Met Gala together.

But all good things must come to an end 😭😭.

Why did Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone break up?

It was first reported that the power couple had called it quits in April 2015 by US Weekly, with a source claiming that Andrew was in a “dark place” while filming for his movie Silence.

Two months later, Emma was pictured carrying a dry cleaning bag with Andrew’s name on it. When questioned about her relationship status by the Wall Street Journal, the La La Land star replied: “See I never talk about this stuff for this exact reason – because it’s all so speculative and baseless. 

“I understand the interest in it completely because I’ve had it too. But it’s so special to me that it never feels good to talk about, so I just continually don’t talk about it.”

Around the same time, a source told PEOPLE that Andrew and Emma had called it quits, but there was “no drama”; it was simply a case of long distance and conflicting schedules.

“They been apart while working. They still care about each other,” the source said. “They still have love for one another. They are on good terms with each other and remain close.”

In December 2016, Emma confirmed to Rolling Stone that she was single. 

Emma Stone is now married to SNL’s Dave McCary. (Credit: Instagram)

Are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone still friends?

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s no bad blood between these two. In fact, they remain really close.

A year after their split, when Andrew was asked in a roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter which actor he would take to a desert island, the Spider-Man star didn’t hesitate to say Emma.

“I love Emma. She’s alright. She can come.”

The following year, while the Easy A actress was receiving acclaim for her lead role in La La Land alongside Ryan Gosling, Andrew was the pinnacle of a supportive ex.

As Emma took the stage to claim her first ever Academy Award, Andrew, who has just recently been nominated himself for his role as Jonathon Larson in tick, tick…BOOM!, watched Emma’s acceptance speech with adoration. 

“It’s beautiful to see someone you love being acknowledged like that,” Andrew told ES.”I was so pleased for her.”

**We’re taking a brief pause in our Andrew and Emma deep dive to tell you that the following paragraph contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home. So if you have yet to see the film, scroll past this section to the next image… you have been warned.**

OK…. so Andrew also proved that he and Emma are still friends in a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast where he discussed his recent involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home (yessss he’s in it!!!).

The star was forced to keep his cameo in the movie under wraps. And Marvel was understandably iron-clad when it came to the confidentiality agreement.

But, of course, that didn’t stop Andrew’s nearest and dearest from questioning him… including his ex.

“Emma kept on texting me. She was like, ‘Are you in this new Spider-Man film?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ Andrew told

“She was like, ‘Shut up. Just tell me’. I’m like, ‘I honestly don’t know’ — I kept it going, even with her. And then she saw it. She was like, ‘You’re a jerk.’”

Andrew is reportedly currently dating model Alyssa Miller. (Credit: Getty)

Who are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone dating these days?

As much as Andrew and Emma shippers continue to mourn their relationship, deeming them the “real life La La Land couple”, both actors have moved on.

Though they remain private about their respective relationships, there are some details in the public sphere.

Emma is married to Saturday Night Live’s Dave McCary, with the pair welcoming their first child, a baby girl, in March 2021.

Andrew, meanwhile, is reportedly currently dating model Alyssa Miller.

Like Emma, the Oscar Nominated actor has spoken about his decision to remain private when it comes to his personal life.

“I’m not in the public eye to a great degree because I’ve designed it that way for myself,” the actor said to Bustle.

“For my work, I’m fine with it, but otherwise I fight for my right for a private, personal life. My right to be ordinary. My right to be a mess. My right to be sorrowful. My right to lose, to get it wrong, to be stupid, to be a person.”

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