Four Years Later, Here’s Why Tom Holland’s Lip Sync Battle Is Still Iconic

"Anyone else wander back here every so often for a dose of serotonin or is that just me?"
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We don’t mean to alarm anyone but it’s almost the fourth anniversary of the biggest cultural reset in the history of existence… Tom Holland’s iconic lip sync battle.

How are you planning on celebrating the big day? Personally, we are going to watch the video on a constant loop while we smile like idiots… though, that doesn’t sound much different to what we do every other day.

WATCH: Tom Holland’s iconic lip sync battle

If somehow you haven’t seen Tom Holland’s iconic lip sync battle then, By George, are you in for a treat. Seriously, we actually feel jealous of you right now. Oh, to be able to witness it again for the first time…

Basically, four years ago on May 7th 2017, every single one of this author’s problems were solved by Tom Holland… dressed as Rihanna… lip syncing and dancing to her song Umbrella.

All we can do to preface the below video is quote a famous TikTok, “cell phones on silent and shut your mouth, the show is about to begin”.


Let us guess, you’re a different person now after viewing the video? Same. Very much same. We’re also assuming you immediately want to watch it again… and again… and again. Well you’re not the only one.

Since it was published, the lip sync battle has accumulated over 85 million views… and we swear only half of those are from us. And despite the performance being nearly four years old, it’s proven itself timeless. 

Just last week a user commented under the official video, “Anyone else wander back here every so often for a dose of serotonin or is that just me?”

Oh no my sweet child it is not just you, for your comment has received almost 2000 likes in the course of one week.

Another commenter called us out big time when they wrote, “Don’t lie to yourself, whenever you’re sad or feel bored you come here. Accept this is your home.”

Happy to be here, love what Tom’s done with the place.

So it’s clear that this performance has stayed relevant and oh-so-iconic all these years later. But why? There are plenty of other lip sync battles involving very similar elements to Tom’s – heck, he was up against Zendaya dressed like Bruno Mars for crying out loud.

So why has the Spiderman actor’s stayed the most iconic? We’re sorry Zendaya, yours is a very close second.

Tom Holland lip sync battle
Watching Tom Holland’s lip sync battle is part of our daily routines. (Credit: Comedy Central)

To answer our question, we turned to you guys… our cherished Girlfriend readers… and, boy, did you guys provide the goods.

First, there was an answer so simple and accurate that we are ashamed we didn’t see it earlier. “Because it’s Tom Holland”. You’re so right, case closed, that man is an icon.

Other readers went on to credit the actor’s amazing dancing skills – he is professionally trained after all.

One even lamented, “he can dance better in heels than me”. Don’t worry girl, same.

But the explanations didn’t stop there.

Tom Holland lip sync battle
We asked you guys why Tom’s battle remains so relevant today. (Credit: Comedy Central)

Others pointed out how much effort the now-24-year-old put into the performance, one even deeming it “soooo extra”.

A Girlfriend reader explained: “Love how he commits to it especially at the end!”

“He uses so much effort! We love him and his confidence” another revealed.

The confidence is truly incredible, not to mention the fact that he chose “a banger song” for his performance as another reader aptly observed.

And while we’re sure you guys mean no shade to Rihanna, one of you did in fact call for Tom’s version to replace the singer’s.

“Honestly it should be the official music video, @rihanna make it happen.” Ri Ri you have two to three business days to respond x.

Zendaya lip sync battle
The fact that Tom managed to beat ZENDAYA just proves how iconic his lip sync battle really is. (Credit: Comedy Central)

Speaking of Rihanna, Tom’s Umbrella-inspired ensemble for the performance also struck a chord with our readers who were pleased to see Tom defying traditional gender norms.

“He changed male stereotypes and OWNED THAT STAGE” a reader wrote.

“It gave me ideas for my bfs Halloween costume!!” another told us.

One of the best observations from you guys was the fact that Tom managed to beat Zendaya in the battle… ZENDAYA… like it has to be an iconic performance in order to defeat the queen herself.

“Didn’t think tom holland would ever have a chance of beating Zendaya at anything but this performance speaks for itself” a Girlfriend reader explained.

And they weren’t the only one. “Zendaya, a queen, but even a queen cannot see into the future, and that queen got beat.” 

Tom Holland lip sync battle
“He changed male stereotypes and OWNED THAT STAGE”. Period. (Credit: Comedy Central)

For some more of you, the video has even been deemed a “sexual awakening”. And yeah, same.

But, to be honest, most Girlfriend readers just couldn’t put it down to one thing.

“The outfit. The hair. The attitude. The styles. The creativity. The surprise. The reactions. EVERYTHING”.

“It’s hard to explain. It’s everything. It’s the fact he said bye to toxic masculinity and hey to dancing in heels, in the rain, dressed like Rihanna. He also gave 110% and can dance better than I can walk.”  

All we hear are facts.

So happy anniversary to everyone’s favourite form of serotonin. Though, to be honest, every day is “Tom Holland’s lip sync battle” day in our eyes. 

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