Fans Are Convinced Taylor Swift’s Christmas Tree Farm Re-Release Is Hinting Towards Something Else

Swifties never sleep.
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At this point, Taylor Swift is making us question just when she actually sleeps because not even a fortnight after debuting her re-release of Red, blondie has dropped her re-recorded version of the Holiday song, Christmas Tree Farm

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Yep, out of nowhere Taylor released an ‘Old Timey Version’ of her 2019 Christmas song as an Amazon Original.

“This new version is amazing because it feels like it’s that more… sort of laidback Christmas feel of doing all your shopping and relaxing by a fire,” Taylor said during a behind the scenes video. “Y’know, it’s definitely a little bit more of that old-school Christmas song feel.”

Taylor dropped her re-recorded version of Christmas Tree Farm. (Credit: Getty)

In true Swiftie fashion, it didn’t take long for the musician’s fans to start speculating about what exactly this sudden drop means. Because, as we know, Taylor rarely does anything by accident.

Many took to Twitter to suggest that the re-release is a hint that Taylor may be dropping her entire re-recorded Holiday Collection in time for the festive season.

Blondie… please at least give us time to recover from your Red re-release and THAT All Too Well music video

But, hey, if the rumours are true and we get Taylor’s re-recorded Christmas hits, we’re absolutely not complaining. 

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