Lucy Hale reflects on the ‘horrible’ day her show ‘Katy Keene’ was cancelled

RIP to this show.

Between the cancellation of The Society, I Am Not Okay With ThisSabrina and Lucy Hale’s beloved show Katy Keene, we’re kinda floundering rn. As much as we love the go-to teen TV shows we keep in our back pocket, the wave of cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic has been super sad. We didn’t want to say goodbye to these characters yet!

If you recall, neither did Lucy Hale. The actress previously posted a very emotional video where she tearfully updated her Instagram followers with the news of the show’s cancellation.

Now, in a new interview with E! Hale has reflected on the awful moment. “It is always sad when things come to an end prematurely but in my opinion, I wanted that show to go on for many years and seasons,” she explained. “The powers at be had a different plan for it…It was such a horrible day when we found out about it not coming back but seeing the response from everyone being upset and the response of everyone else who supports me was only to show how much the show was loved.” 

Hale also revealed that she knew exactly where the Riverdale spin-off would go in a second season plotwise. “I definitely knew where Katy would go in the second season and all the plans for her so its always a bummer to see that come to a halt without you wanting it to but ultimately, I only had amazing things to say about that show and the people and everyone involved in it,” she said. “It really was a highlight of my career and living in NYC was amazing.” 

Given the Pretty Little Liar alumna’s go-getter attitude and her impressive acting creds, we’re sure she’ll be back on top soon.

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