Fans roast Jacob Elordi for taking Kaia Gerber to the same date spot as Zendaya and Joey King

Jacob Elordi really do be like, “dw girl, I know a spot.”

Contrary to Jacob Elordi’s protest of his resting miserable face during the The Kissing Booth films, it seems he has more in common with his character Noah Flynn than he lets on. The Euphoria star just took his new girlfriend to the exact same place he took his ex-girlfriends… just like Noah and Elle and the gazebo in The Kissing Booth 1 and 2.  

Jacob Elordi really do be like, “dw, I know a spot.”


Earlier this month, Elordi was spotted out and about in New York with his apparent new girlfriend, model Kaia Gerber. Equipped with his vintage camera and a matching outfit with his new boo, the Aussie actor took Gerber to a local farmer’s market after one of their cute couple workout sessions. Shortly after, fans pieced together that the setting of Elordi and Gerber’s date looked eerily similar to the backdrop of past photos of him on dates with his Euphoria co-star Zendaya and his The Kissing Booth co-star and ex-girlfriend Joey King.

“Not Jacob Elordi taking Kaia Gerber [to] the same place he took Zendaya AND Joey King, he will not see heaven for this,” read one Tweet.

“Jacob Elordi be like “I know a spot” and take you to the same weirdass farmers market that he took all his girlfriends,” read another. 


Now, we here at Girlfriend aren’t knocking Elordi’s choice of a date spot, per say. A morning brunch trip to a local farmer’s market is a cute lil idea. Buuut, maybe don’t take your three girlfriends to the exact same spot, especially so early into your rumoured romance with Kaia? Idk, you do you my mullet-wearing king. 


In other news, according to the Daily Mail, the 23-year-old Netflix star just bought a $2 million dollar home in the Byron Bay hinterlands, featuring seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. So, uh, in between hanging with his new neighbours, the Hemsworths and Zac Efron, Elordi can go to a more local farmer’s market with Gerber. 

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