Hailey Bieber’s super tiny bikini is cute, but we’re looking at her $150 dollar pool float!

Why is the pool floatie $150? It's designer, of course.

The warmer weather is well and truly on the way here in Australia and we’re already thinking about some socially distanced days at the beach! Meanwhile, in the last days of the fading summer over in the U.S., Hailey Bieber is giving us plenty of tiny bikini inspiration with a cute new Instagram snap. As well as the bikini, she’s also making the case for some very fancy pool accessories.

In the recently posted snap, the model and wife of singer Justin Bieber smiled as she relaxed on a leopard print floatie in the shape of a heart. “If you’re reading this: are you registered to vote?” she captioned the post. 

The cute pink bikini is from Frankies Bikinis, which you can shop here.

Hailey Bieber bikini
Tavi Bikini from Frankies Bikinis

But she’s a fashion girl, so naturally, the pool float is designer. Saint Laurent to be exact. Called the “Leopard Heart Float,” the designer merch retails for $105 USD, or about $150 when converted to Australian dollars.

It seems extremely $$$ for a plastic floatation device that’s gonna be exposed to a lotta chlorine and the sun, but it’s still much less exxy than some previous novelty designer offerings we’ve seen. Remember that Chanel basketball and chain bag that retailed for over $3,000? At least Bieber’s Saint Laurent floatie is kinda useful!

Hailey Bieber pool float
Leopard Heart Float from Saint Laurent

That said, since the Biebers just dropped $26 million on a mansion in Beverly Hills, they’re probably not too stressed about the floatie. Or, you know, it might’ve been a brand gift!

It’s been a good summer for tiny bikini inspo from celebs btw! If you’re looking for more try: Miley Cyrus’ tiny blue bikini, Ariana Grande’s little green one, and Dua Lipa’s crocheted Care Bear number.

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