Maddie & Kenzie Ziegler Just Teased A Potential Dance Moms Reunion

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Dance Moms may have wrapped up two years ago, but stars Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler are still as close as ever with their former co-stars.

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Ahh the Abby Lee Dance Company… from what we saw on Dance Moms, it involved a lot of hairspray, shouting and pyramids…. oh yeah, and dancing.

And while drama was at the centre of the show, the young dancers really were the heart of the reality series.

With many having spoken out about the problematic environment of the show, it’s hard to know whether a reunion would ever be in the cards.

But it looks like JB was onto something when he said ‘never say never’ because most of the cast remain in contact and seem open to a reunion… of sorts. 

Maddie and Kenzie recently spoke about having some of their former Dance Moms stars on their new podcast. (Credit: Getty)

In a new interview for E!, Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler spoke about the possibility of a Dance Moms reunion through the medium of their new podcast, Take 20 With Maddie and Kenzie.

When asked if they would consider featuring their old co-stars as guests, Maddie responded that it “could be really fun”, before assuring that they still remain tight with the OG dancers.

“We are so close with all the girls, again, like the original cast,” she said.

“It’s so cool to hang out as young adults,” she continued. “It’s so much fun to not have a crazy environment around us. We just all hang out at each other’s houses and it’s just really chill and fun.”

In fact, it’s clear that most of the Dance Moms alum have remained in each others’ corners all these years later.

Nia (left) and Kendall (right) went to see JoJo (middle) in concert in 2019. (Credit: Instagram)

In 2019, Kendall Vertes and Nia Sioux proudly supported JoJo Siwa during her concert in Pittsburgh.

The current Dancing With The Stars performer documented the mini reunion on her Instagram, sharing a photo of the three of them.

“I’m so happy that @niasioux and @kendallvertes care to see my show in Pittsburgh the other night!!! I love these 2 so much! We will be friends FOREVER! I miss u guys already!”

Kendall and Nia also documented the night on their own Instagrams.

“Amazing show, with amazing people,” Kendall penned. “Thank you @jessalynnsiwa and @itsjojosiwa for an amazing night.”

Meanwhile, Nia wrote: “Last night was crazy fun!”  “Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with Pittsburgh @itsjojosiwa.”

Nia, who was the longest-running cast member on the show, has also spoken publicly about whether she would entertain the idea of a reunion. 

Dance Moms aired from 2011 to 2019. (Credit: Getty)

When asked by Showbiz Cheatsheet if she would be involved in a reunion, Nia was quick to answer “no” unless it was just with “the girls”. 

“I’d do something with just the girls, but adding the moms and the dance teachers back into it, like that just does not seem like fun at all.”

In the same interview, Nia revealed that Dance Moms still has a “negative” effect on her, but she is grateful for the show for making her the person she is today. 

It seems that if anything positive came out of the series, it was the relationship formed between the dancers.

“I would do anything for the girls, like literally. I truly do mean that,” Nia emphasised. 

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