Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Go Head-To-Head For Charity In New Snap Series

You won't believe the challenges they were faced with.
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There’s nothing quite like a sibling rivalry. Just ask TikTok and reality stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio who are set to compete against one another in an upcoming Snapchat series.

WATCH: Charli D’Amelio does the TikTok face symmetry challenge  

Charli, 17, and her older sister Dixie, 20, are… we want to say teaming up, but really they’re doing the opposite as they go head-to-head on Gen Z’s favourite social platform, Snapchat.

“We’re going head to head in a series of challenges for the charity of our choice. But we’re not doing it alone,” the sisters said in a trailer for the new Snap Original, Charli Vs. Dixie.

Charli and Dixie are going head-to-head in a bunch of different challenges for charity. (Credit: Getty)

Making appearances are fellow stars Kenzie Ziegler, Gigi Gorgeous, Rosanna Pansino, Scott Evans, Rachel Taylor, Jack and James Wright, Stuart O’Keeffee, and more. 

“Our family and friends really put us to the test with some really fun challenges from zipping through an obstacle course, to wilderness bootcamp, to testing our pizza making skills and even giving tattoos! Nothing was off limits when it came to the show,” the sisters exclusively say. 

The winner will earn $50,000 for the charity of their choosing.

Dixie will be playing for mental health organization Active Minds and Charli for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Fans got given a sneak peek of the new series in a brand new trailer.

“My strategy is to have no strategy,” Charli said in the trailer. (Credit: Snapchat)

“My strategy is to have no strategy,” Charli says in the footage. Mood.

Meanwhile, Dixie says she “cannot have (her) little sister beating (her) in anything.” DW bestie, she doesn’t have a strategy.

Viewers also saw a teaser of one of the challenges the sisters have to compete in and, let’s just say, we’re glad we’re merely spectating.

During a family game night challenge, actor Scott Evans (yes, he’s Chris Evans’ brother) told the internet stars what they’d be up against.

“You have to let your parents do a dramatic reading of your most recent text messages.”

No charity is worth this… kidding of course, they definitely are. And props to Charli and Dixie for raising money and awareness.

At the end of the trailer, Dixie puts her guard down as says to her sister: “I wish we could work together.”

But if you were hoping for a sisterly embrace as they put their differences aside and compete ✨together ✨ then keep dreaming babes… because Charli replies “I don’t” and continues the challenge solo.

The Snap original premieres on Saturday November 13th. New episodes of the 10-part series air every other day (through 1 Dec), only on Snapchat

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