Ariana Grande has just revealed a cute new tattoo and it’s on her palm

People think it might be a tribute to her late ex Mac Miller.
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It’s no secret Ariana Grande is a big fan of a little ink. The singer has a hefty set of tattoos, at least 55 that we know of. Unlike her instantly recognisable high pony-tail (which she apparently adjusts based on her mood), it’s a little harder to keep tabs on her ever-growing tattoo collection.


Back in May she officially debuted some (permanent) butterflies on her arms after eagled-eyed fans first spotted them at the Grammys in January of this year. Now, we’ve got our first proper look at one of her latest additions: a small flower on the palm of her hand.

In a series of mirror selfies on Instagram, Grande flashes a peace sign and shows off the new ink. It’s a small old-school style tatt in black and white, without any shading—just linework. Some people believe the flower is actually a lotus, specifically, and that it’s a tribute to Mac Miller. Her late ex had a tattoo of a lotus flower on his neck, so we can kinda see the connection.

Ariana Grande's new flower tattoo

Whether it is, in fact, a Miller tribute or not, the lil flower is a unique and pretty addition to Grande’s tattoo collection.

We wonder what she’ll get next?

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