All eyes are on Euphoria’s Alexa Demie and it’s not hard to see why

Here's everything we know about the actress.
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You know Alexa Demie as Maddy Perez on HBO’s Euphoria. Even if you haven’t watched the show, there’s a big chance you would have seen her character on your TikTok FYP saying: “Rue ☝️ when ⏱ was 🤨 this? 💅?” to Zendaya’s character.

It’s the iconic hand choreography for us.

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But just who is the actress behind the iconic Maddy??

Though she keeps things pretty quiet off screen, there are some aspects of her life the actress has shared with her fans (and some that she hasn’t).

From her mysterious age to her current romantic life, here’s everything we know about the enigma that is Alexa Demie.

Here’s everything we know about Alexa Demie. (Credit: Instagram)

What is Alexa Demie’s nationality?

Alexa was born in LA, California to Rose Mendez, a make-up artist from Mexico. Although she maintains a good relationship with her dad, Scott Wilson Vanerstrom, it seems that the actress was predominately raised by her mother, whom she calls “one of her best friends”.

“We’ve always been incredibly close,” Alexa told InStyle about her relationship with her mum.

“I think we did have our issues when I was a teenager and just growing up, working on these films and having to play these dark roles, it helps me to kind of relate and have compassion for anyone in those situations.

“Despite [my mum] not having any support emotionally or financially, she was always the number one person in my life. She was just always so positive when the rest of my family really wasn’t. They didn’t really believe that you could do what I’m doing. She was always the one to be like, ‘You can do anything you want.’ I think she instilled that in me.”

Is Alexa Demie related to a Beach Boy?

Sooo, Alexa’s father, Scott, was the stepson of late Beach Boy member, Dennis Wilson. Dennis adopted Scott during his roughly three-year marriage to Carole Freedman.

How old is Alexa Demie?

OK, so there is a bit of confusion about this one. In 2019, it was reported that Alexa was 24. 

But ☝️, recently an old photo-book picture suggests the actress is actually 30??

We’re going to leave that one for Alexa to confirm.

Euphoria isn’t the only show Alexa has appeared in. (Credit: HBO)

How tall is Alexa Demie?

There’s no consensus when it comes to this either, but most reports list Alexa as 1.68m or 5’6″

What has Alexa Demie been in other than Euphoria?

Maddy Perez may be her most iconic role, but it isn’t Alexa’s first time on our screens.

The actress has appeared in multiple TV series, including Ray Donovan, Love, and The OA.

She also portrayed Isabelle Roberts in the movie Mainstream, which also stars the internet’s current crush, Andrew Garfield.

For Alexa, there were many signs she would be cast as Maddy in Euphoria

Speaking to Collider, the actress confessed that although the auditioning process was tough, she stayed “focused”, explaining that there were many inclinations that this role was her fate.

“I went to a sandwich shop and there was a cheese called Euphoria. I just kept having this synchronicity. Even with [Zendaya] being Rue, she was in my dream before I met her. And then, when we met, it was like we knew each other, forever. It was like this instant like family bond.”

Does Alexa Demie have a partner?

It seems so! Though she likes to keep a lid on things, Alexa is reportedly dating Albanian-American singer-songwriter JMSN (AKA: Christian Berishaj).

The pair are said to have met in 2017 when the actress appeared in his music video, Slide

Alexa also directed the music video for JMSN’s 2021 single Love 2 U and co-directed the video for Talk is Cheap.

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