Adele Has Teased Her New Single & Fans Are Not Coping

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Adele is back baby and right in time for Sad Girl Spring.

Six years after the release of her last album, 25, the When We Were Young singer has teased a brand new single called Easy On Me.

Which is a very fitting title considering anyone who tries to talk to this author on the day it’s released will, indeed, have to take it easy on me while I completely ignore them.

WATCH: Adele teases new single: Easy On Me

Adele took to her socials to announce the new single, sharing a black and white teaser (see above) featuring the queen herself placing a cassette into a car, with her luxurious black nails mind you, driving along while melodic piano plays in the background. 

The music industry… sorry, we mean, Adele… simply captioned the video: “Easy On Me – October 15.”

BRB, going to clear my calendar for this day.

Adele is back baby! (Credit: Getty)

Twitter predictably went into meltdown at the teaser. Take a look at some of the best reactions.


News of Adele’s single comes not long after the artist cryptically updated her social media to match a series of billboards that popped up around the globe, of which people assumed related to the singer.

The number “30” was projected in numerous locations, including Dubai, Ireland and more. And everyone drew the same conclusion – that this was a swanky new marketing campaign was for Adele, whose three previous albums (19, 21 and 25) were titled after her ages.

On the night of October 14th we’re going to have one eye open when we’re sleeping… one eyeee. (Credit: Instagram)

Adele then changed her social media to match the background of the billboards. Not long after, Facebook and Instagram crashed. We’re not saying the events are related – we’re just saying the timing is suss.

While fans have pointed out that the “30” perhaps doesn’t align with Adele, who is 33 now, others have suggested that she simply made the record when she was 30 years old, before she divorced her now ex-husband Simon Konecki in 2019. 

Another fan even suggested that Taylor Swift recently changing the date of her Red re-release was not a coincidence, but rather done intentionally to avoid a clash with the 15 Grammy award winner.

Adele on her way to save the music industry. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite the songstress telling Late Late Show host James Corden that 25 would be “the last album after (her) age” during her 2016 Carpool Karaoke, this marketing campaign tells a different story.

Whatever the album title is, we are beyond keen for Easy On Me to drop.

Let Sad Girl Spring begin!

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