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Make Your First Date Worry Free!

No need to turn into a nervous mess with these handy tips!
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First dates can be super exciting, but they can also be a bit scary – we know! If you’re feeling the nerves, check out these simple tips to help you stay chill for an awesome day/night out with your crush:

Just be yourself

This isn’t the time for a total fashion makeover! Your crush is going out with you for a reason: He already likes the way you look. It’s much easier – and better for you both – if you just try to relax and be your usual amazing self.  

Avoid messy munchies

If you and your date grab a bite, it’s a good idea to pick something that’s easy to eat. Certain foods have a rep for being awks on dates because they have the potential for major spillage. If you’re worried about making a mess of yourself, sloppy food is not your friend (spaghetti + white top = sadness!). That said, if you spill something on your fave new pants or get a little sauce in your hair (#ithappens), at least you and your date can have a laugh about it.    

Saying goodbye

Do you go in for a cheek peck? Pash? Awkward wave? It depends entirely on how you and your date are feeling. The most important thing to remember is this: You don’t owe your date anything other than kindness (as long as they were kind and respectful to you during the date). Don’t feel pressured to kiss them unless you actually want to – saying goodbye with a hug or subtle wave is totes fine. 

Good luck gurl!

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