These Key Trans-Seasonal Fashion Trends Will End Your Autumn Styling Confusion

Layers 'R Us.
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Every year, autumn totally gaslights us each morning by making us think and say things like “Winter is finally here!”

But by lunchtime, the sweat patches under our arms are out of control. Ugh. 

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Even though the seasons change from summer to autumn every year, we clearly never remember the style lessons we learnt as we battled it out against the shifting weather in years gone by. 

It is like fashion amnesia – and really, do we ever work out what to wear by the time winter rolls around? By that stage, it’s jumpers ‘r us regardless. 

But worry not as we battle chilly morning winds alongside fiercely hot autumn sunshine – we can conquer our dreaded transitional wardrobe woes with a few simple tricks.

No longer will you stare at your clothes in dismay as you run your hand across the material for 10 minutes before you throw something together that you already know you’ll regret in five hours.

And there’s a big silver lining: Transitional seasonal dressing can birth some of your more inventive style moments with one word only: Layers.

You can make so many subtle edits to your outfits that will make your wardrobe more flexible and practical. But still cute too!

Here are some of our fave trans-seasonal looks from the celebs: 


Layering is an art that ought to be mastered in time as there are infinite options, which can feel overwhelming, but it’s the most fascinating and freeing part of fashion.

Layers can allow you to break style rules and produce unexpected outfits, however, to successfully curate outfits, it’s important to pay attention to textures and lengths. When those two elements are cohesive, you can play with structure more freely. 

The most essential layering techniques to be aware of are:

  1. Wear a thin long sleeve top with a jacket and then drape a jumper over your shoulders.
  2. Pair a turtleneck underneath a crisp white shirt.
  3. Invest in a cardigan that you can wear over singlets, shirts, crop tops and t-shirts. 
Bella Hadid’s layering techniques are always fashion-forward. (Credit: Instagram)
Claire Most masterfully layering a jumper over her jacket. (Credit: Instagram)


Jackets are a sartorial item that can be used to make the most simple outfits interesting. However, to achieve this, try and be brave by investing in some statement pieces rather than buying classics. This way, you won’t get bored of the look.

To feel fashion-forward, invest in leather blazers, Shepard jackets, western-style jackets and bold colours as they will set your look apart from the denim and corduroy crowd.

Camille Charriere invests in jackets which are revived versions of classic looks. (Credit: Instagram)
Camille Charriere. (Credit: Instagram)

Keep your head warm 

Of course, our biggest battle here is creating a look that will survive cold mornings and transition to warm afternoons. It can be tricky, but one move you can make is wearing a beanie or winter hat that you can take on and off as you need.

Once your head is warm, the rest of your body is magically a lot warmer, and then you can wear smarter layers, which means you will have fewer clothes you will need to tie around your waist.

Negin Mirsalehi in a beret. (Credit: Instagram)
Claire Most in a fluffy hat. (Credit: Instagram)


We are not talking about those thick woollen stockings you are forced to wear at school (although they have their place in your winter wardrobe). No, we are talking about Blair Waldorf approved patterns – and if you’re game, colours.

Opting for thin stockings will allow you to feel supported from the cold but also able to cope when the temperature rises above 21 degrees. It’s a subtle edit that will amp up your layering game and won’t overdo the transitional brief.

Alexa Chung feeling a type of way about her stockings. (Credit: Instagram)


Cardigans dipped out of the fashion zeitgeist back in the 2010s, but they have come cooler than ever, which is handy now that it’s autumn.

The style choices are endless, from throwing a cardigan over a turtleneck to styling it underneath a jacket with a bra subtly peaking from behind – you can feel cosy and have your personality shine through without having to commit to wearing the item all day.

Dua Lipa in a risking it all with one button done up on her cardigan (we love). (Credit: Instagram)

Wide-legged jeans 

Wide-legged jeans are the best update to jeans in the past five years, and they elicit high fashion vibes no matter your style choices.

Wide-legged jeans are also super practical in a transitional wardrobe because while they protect your legs from wind and cold, they also allow air to get through so you can avoid feeling stuffy and sweaty.

Maria Bernad in loose jeans. (Credit: Instagram)


Jumpers, how we love you! You’re soft, easy and never let us down in style points. We can choose baggy cuts or crops, and we can don bold (& grandmother approved) patterns or classic colours.

Draping a jumper around your shoulder’s isn’t just a solution to a problem but a legitimate style option, which means you can continue wearing your summer pieces for a little longer because you’ll have a jumper ready to go for when the weather cools down after the mid-arvo heat.

Emma Chamberlain in a classic jumper. (Credit: Instagram)
Emma Chamberlain in a bold statement jumper. (Credit: Instagram)

Shop the looks and update that wardrobe: 

(Credit: Glassons)

Relaxed Straight Leg Jean, $59.99 from Glassons

(Credit: Glassons)

Ripped Relaxed Straight Leg Jean, $59.99 from Glassons

(Credit: Zara)

Ribbed Beanie, $29.95 from Zara

(Credit: Verge)

True Story Check Bucket Hat Pink, $35.00 from Verge Girl

(Credit: H&M)

2-pack Fine Knit Tights, $24.99 from H&M

(Credit: H&M)

Spot Tights, $14.99 from H&M.

(Credit: Verge Girl)

Warm Night Knit Cream, $25.00 from Verge Girl

(Credit: Verge Girl)

Talk To You Stripe Knit Purple, $95.00 from Verge Girl

(Credit: Glassons)

Check Cropped Denim Jacket, $49.99 from Glassons

(Credit: Glassons)

Faux Leather Longline Jacket, $99.99 from Glassons

(Credit: Zara)

Knit Cardigan With Rhinestone Buttons, $69.95 from Zara

(Credit: Zara)

Rhinestone Bow Button Cardigan, $69.95 from Zara

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