Ashley Tisdale Reveals She Styled Some Of Sharpay’s Most Iconic ‘High School Musical’ Looks


Sharpay Evans was without a doubt the most ~fab-you-lus~ character in High School Musical

Her obsession with pink and anything that sparkled made a huge impact on our fashion choices at the time, but did you know that Ashley Tisdale herself was the mastermind behind some of Sharpay’s most iconic looks?! 

“I invented some of [the outfits] in the movies — I would take a skirt and wear it as a tube dress, and it became a staple outfit, which is so crazy,” she told PeopleStyle.

“I created the character… through her clothes. I wore the dress with pants underneath and a belt and it was this one specific moment in [High School Musical]. It’s so funny how the stuff that you have so much fun with in a fitting actually happens and it becomes a part of a culture phenomenon; it’s so weird.”

Who knew?! But it gets better… Ashley also revealed that she was so connected to Sharpay’s clothes that she couldnt let them go! She literally has the costumes in her closet at home!

“I have [Sharpay’s] whole first wardrobe from the first [High School Musical] movie,” she dished. “Because I was just so into clothes, for some reason, I thought I’d wear her clothes again, which I never did.”

Ok we would literally pay to take a peak inside her closet/rummage through everything and try it all on!

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