Zac Efron’s Shock ‘High School Musical’ Confession Will Rip Your Heart In Two

He's broken the hearts around the world again!
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Zac Efron has just broken hearts around world by admitting that he pretty much hates who he was during his High School Musical days!

After royally peeving off fans for ditching the HSM 10-year reunion earlier this year, the hunky actor has just rubbed a tonne of salt in the wound with his latest gut-wrenching confession.
“​I step back and look at myself and I still want to kick that guy’s ass sometimes. Like, f**k that guy,” Zac told Men’s Fitness recently. “He’s done some kind of cool things with some cool people — he did that one thing [Neighbours] that was funny — but, I mean, he’s still just that f**king kid from [High School Musical].”​
So apparently we’re NOT all in this together! Everything we thought we knew was all a lie! Way to crush all our good Troy Bolton memories Zac! Not that we’re taking it personally or anything.

*runs for the tissues*

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