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Want a sneak peek at our one-off throwback issue of Girlfriend magazine? Then read on! 

From favourites like How Embarrassment and noughties fashion to everything you want to know about the Class of ’07 cast, we’ve brought together all the best bits you loved from Girlfriend in 2007, and given it a 2023 makeover. 

WATCH BELOW: The Class of ’07 trailer. 

Editor’s letter…

Welcome to the one-off reboot issue of Girlfriend. It’s been a while since we’ve been in print, so we’re super-excited to bring you this touch-and-feel version of your fave mag. We’re even more excited to take you back to 2007 to revisit what was trending and what we were obsessing over when (most of us) were teens…

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift, the ultimate ’07 cover star. (Photography: Mary Ellen Matthews / CPI Syndication / Headpress)

We stepped back into our crocs and UGG boots to rewind the hottest trends and fashion hits of ’07 and give them the today ‘slay’ treatment. We took a retro ride and checked out what the hottest babes of the day, our Model Search winners and the celebrities we gushed over are doing today. We also chatted with the cast of the new must-watch Prime Video series Class of ’07, all about high school reunions, catching up with old classmates and the importance of female friendships.

Additionally, we brought the best pages of the mag back to life with a 2023 twist. From people-pleasing in the 2000s to the self-love ‘buzz’ in 2023, we updated our sex section with only ‘good vibes’ to bring you the Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators. Such an empowering and fun story to put together, from interviewing sexpert Chantelle Otten to photographing a huge range of vibrators (we learnt a lot in the process!).

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget your other faves: do our quiz to find out what type of friend you are, and read our horoscopes for your love and life forecast. Enjoy!

Love Nikki x

P.S. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed.

Girlfriend fashion shoot
Hit Rewind! It’s a 2000s fashion revival. (Photography: Tane Coffin. Styling: Monica Morales.)

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