EXCLUSIVE: How Nat Wolff Went From The Naked Brothers Band To Movie Star

This kid grew up GOOD.
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You probably know Nat Wolff’s handsome face from movies like Paper Towns or Netflix’s Death Note remake. You may know him from his OG role as one half of The Naked Brothers Band.

You may even think you know him from Hereditary or Jumanji: The Next Level, but uh, nope – that’s his little brother Alex Wolff.

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Girlfriend caught up with the 26-year-old star this week to talk about his new movie, Mainstream, and found out just how far he’s come in the decade since he first won us over on Nickelodeon.

Looking back, the 26-year-old has nothing but good memories from the early days of The Naked Brothers Band, which was a true Wolff family effort.

“It was with all my best friends. We were in a band, my mum created it, my dad did all the music and he played our loser dad on the show,” Nat recalls.

“He’s not a loser real life, but he played our loser dad on the show! And it was a really good avenue for our music… each season I’d have to write 13 songs and it was the most exciting thing in the world to me.”

He and Alex were also juggling filming with their schoolwork and Nat says it instilled a really strong work ethic that he and his brother still have today.

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It clearly worked out, because they’re both movie stars and total heartthrobs now, with Nat just recently filming the Mainstream with stars like Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke.

The flick is all about social media and the way it can affect us for better and for worse… a lot worse.

Andrew’s character Link is one of the wildest dudes we’ve ever seen in a movie, while Nat plays the much more grounded role of Jake.

While his performance as Frankie’s (Maya) loveable best friend had us totally smitten, Nat tells us he would have just as happily taken on Andrew’s crazy role.

“There’s nobody who could do it as good as Andrew… but I would’ve loved [the role]. That’s such an incredible character, so devious and manipulative and complicated,” he says.

WATCH: Mainstream – Official Trailer

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“But what I really liked about Jake was that he was so soulful and true blue. And in that kind of movie, you have all these wild YouTubers and people who are on the fringe society. And then you have Jake, who’s grounded – he’s centrepiece, he’s unmovable. That was nice, to be a counterpoint to Andrew’s character.”

Off-screen he and Andrew are actually best friends, which made it even more fun when they got to act out tense moments between their on-screen characters.

Nat even confesses to Girlfriend that during one intense take he thought about throwing a punch!

“I was like, dude, I could punch him in the face,” he laughs.

“Andrew is such an incredible actor, I’ve looked up to him for a really long time. And so when you do a scenes with him… you never know what’s gonna happen. We did a lot of improvising before the movie, and then we got to go head-to-head.”

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So when will we see Nat playing a crazy character like Link?

Well, the 26-year-old says he’s open to all kinds of things in his acting career, not just the loveable roles we’ve seen him in recently.

“There’s been so many different times since I was acting as a kid where I was just typecast as something. I’ve been typecast as so many different things,” he admits.

“After I was in Palo Alto, the only thing people wanted me to play was psychos. And then after I did Paper Towns, the only thing people wanted was for me to be a sweet romantic teen guy.

“I think it’s about just constantly trying to do things that are exciting to me, which means doing things that are different. And then hopefully people get the idea that I can do a bunch of different stuff!”

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He also plans to keep doing music until he’s old and grey, telling us: “I hope I live a really long life and on my dying breath, Alex and I are singing a harmony on two acoustic guitars.”

Speaking of Alex, the brothers are also working on new music, Nat breaking into a grin as he tells us they’ll be dropping a new album together soon.

“That’ll probably be coming out in the summer of 2022. It’s finished, but we’re just figuring out how we’re gonna put it out. I’m really excited,” he gushes.

Honestly, now we’re really excited too! We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes glued to their Instagram account @natandalex for updates in the meantime.

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