‘The Vampire Diaries’ Cast Say Their Goodbyes And You’ll Need Tissues

There are some divine throwbacks to be seen!
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It’s over, it’s really over 😭 The Vampire Diaries finale has come and gone (so this post may contain spoilers!) and now the cast have taken to Insta to say their goodbyes to the show that changed our lives. From adorable Season 1 throwbacks, to last day on the set hangs… let’s help them farewell Mystic Falls! 

Nina Dobrev‘s first farewell is to Matt Donovan, AKA, Zac Roerig. She shared a cute pic of them in the snow, saying: “8 years ago, this fool and I boarded a plane to Vancouver to shoot a pilot. We didn’t know eachother, b‬ut we BOTH only brought 1 carry on and then a snowboard bag as checked luggage. During the weeks we would shoot 15 hour days, and on Fridays we filmed through the night until we wrapped at 6am and went straight from set to Whistler mountain to hit the slopes and shred the terrain park. We became fast friends. And almost got fired. Luckily we survived to the bitter end with out any broken bones (surprisingly) and now 8 years later we have a show that we’re proud of and a friendship that will last a life time. And yes, that is a real camera. It’s been THAT long. The selfie has come a long way since then…. @zach_roerig #TVDForever”

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Her next was one for the gals: “We started out as fetuses. Now we are women. The trips, adventures, and laughter I have shared with these beautiful souls makes me tear with joy. I love them more than I could ever explain or begin to put into words. Each of these photos is from season 1. We were all so young, and SO excited about the new and exciting show we had booked. And even more excited that we got to be a part of it together. It felt like we had this awesome little secret, no one had seen Vampire Diaries yet. But we couldn’t wait to spill the beans, for the pilot to air so people could see it. We hoped so much that people would like it. Prayed that it would be a success and continue for many years. We got our wish. 8 seasons later, some are engaged, some married and some have fetuses of their own. These are incredible women and forces to be reckoned with. I’m so proud of you all. #FlowerPower #TVDForever”

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She didn’t forget her Salvatore bros or boys! Nina shared a gallery thanking Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley especially: “My undead brothers… I thought vampires weren’t supposed to age. Lol. We definitely don’t look the same after 8 years, but the make up helped. Raising a glass to celebrate 8 wonderful seasons together, it has been such a beautiful (and liver damaging) adventure knowing you all. Cheers family. 🍾🤗❤ #TVDForever”

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Lastly, Nina thanked the shows creators, without them we would never have had 8 years of Vampirey goodness! Nina wrote: “My creators. I love you more than my parents. (Don’t tell my parents). What a journey this has been. From the moment I met you, we became a family we began a journey that will last a life time. I’m eternally grateful for your support and love, this opportunity has been life changing and I owe it it all to you. Thank you for believing in me every step of the way. From the first audition, to the screen tests, to the fang fittings, to the time you made me a vampire, killed me (multiple times), brought me back to life (multiple times), put me into a coma and then brought me back one final time. I grew up on this show that we joked was “Twilight for TV”. You are and will forever be my family. #TVDforever”

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Our fave sheriff (just kidding Matt, Mrs Forbes was our fave soz) shared a pic of himself looking at his uniform saying: “It feels surreal to know that tonight is the last episode of TVD – the final chapter in an 8 year epic journey. A final goodbye to all the fans, without whom this dream would not have been realised. Goodbye to all my cast and crew family, to Julie & Kevin. And finally goodbye to Matt Donovan. It was an honor to bring you to life all these years, I hope some day I can follow in your footsteps with a plaque in my honor! Peace and love. Until the next adventure. ✌🏼”

Zac also had a special shoutout for his on-screen dad, who we totally agree should have gotten more air time! He wrote: “Thanks @julieplec for writing this storyline about my father on the last season of TVD. Joel Gretch has been a healing salve for the wound of losing my own father years ago. Great way to finish up this significant chapter of my life. #TVDforever”

Paul took the time to share a throwback of him and Ian (AKA smoldeypants): “In honor of the final ep of VD airing tonight, here’s a throwback pic of me and smoldeypants conspiring on an airplane 8 years ago.” PLUS a look at him and Nina way back in 2010. 

Michael Malarkey, who played Enzo, wrote this beautiful message for fans about his character’s roughjourney: “Goodbyes are hard, but amidst the physical severance there are lessons to be learned. Enzo’s journey teaches us that hope, faith, and forgiveness can be our mightiest weapons…and that love will always conquer all. A powerful lesson indeed. I take it with me on this next chapter. Forever grateful to the cast, crew and especially to all you fans out there. Live your life. All of it. Fully. Deeply. With Love. #TVDForever “

While his gal Kat Graham (and our personal hero Bonnie Bennett) had this to say about the end of an era: “The end is near… thank you to all the beautiful fans for your support during the 8 years of #thevampirediaries. Watch the series finale tonight at 9 on @thecw Goodbye Bonnie Bennett…”

Ian shared some cute throwbacks to human Damon and this message for fans: “Wow saying good bye to 8 years… wow. Thank you all! Watching the Finale right now! Thank you #tvd fans around the world”

But just like in the show, it was Caroline (Candice King) who went full fangirl and shared SO SO SO many amazing throwbacks and teary but sweet posts! She captioned one picture as a message for herself at the end of this wild ride: “Dear Candice, I know things seem hard and you feel lost. Trust in yourself. Trust in your journey. For it is just about to take a turn into a new direction in your life. Everything will change. You will love it. Drink up every second. For it will go by too fast. Sincerely, Candice #tvdforever”

Goodbye TVD, we’ll miss you for eternity!

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