The New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Trailer Drops Some MAJOR Hints About The Identity Of Uber A

In fact, we got TWO new teasers!

The time for the last 10 Pretty Little Liars episodes EVER is coming up quickly, and now we have not one, but TWO, new trailers to freak out over!

Fans are currently dissecting the exclusive trailer that TV Line dropped for hints about Uber A, and many think the answer to the identity is hidden in there! The trailer goes back to the very beginning and shows Toby’s ‘A’ era, Ali’s creepy encouragement of the girls to share their secrets and scenes of Mona vs. Spencer… are these all clues about how this is all connected?! 

Check it yourself and see if you can spot a spoiler!

If that’s got you feeling all nervous, cheer yourself up with this sweet farewell trailer they also dropped that focuses on the Liars epic friendship: 

Roll on April 18!

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