All The Easter Eggs Taylor Swift Hid In The I Bet You Think About Me Video

Does this prove which album she's re-recording next?!
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Taylor Swift has dropped the official video for I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version) hot on the heels of her All Too Well short film and bestie, this thing is packed with easter eggs.

The song is a standout vault track from her re-release of Red and tackles the topic of heartache and breakups with a more tongue-in-cheek attitude than some of her other tracks.

WATCH: I Bet You Think About Me by Taylor Swift (Official Video)

In it, Tay sings about her ex realizing “I’m harder to forget than I was to leave” and says she bets he still thinks about her, even after their split.

She cast Miles Teller to play her ex in the video, who is getting married (Teller’s real-life wife Keleigh Teller plays the bride) but still lowkey has a thing to Taylor. Who wouldn’t?

Fans are already connecting the dots and theorizing that the track may be about Jake Gyllenhaal, who also inspired All Too Well and a few other Red songs.

But before we go off on a tangent about how the song probably is about Jake – you can read our All Too Well breakdown about it here – let’s look at all the easter eggs in the I Bet You Think About Me video.

From details linking it to other songs, to a possible hint at what album Taylor will re-release next, here’s what you missed in the clip.

The scarf

That scarf looks awfully familiar to us! (Credit: YouTube)

Okay, this one is pretty obvious but the red scarf Taylor gifts to the bride at the wedding is the exact same scarf from the All Too Well song and short film.

Fans have theorized that the red scarf in this video is meant to be Taylor warning the bride about the groom (kind of like a red flag), while others think it’s her showing she’s moved on form the relationship.

Sade Sink wore the same red scarf in the All Too Well short film. (Credit: YouTube)

We can’t say exactly what the scarf means in this video, but fans have a very interesting theory about what it represents in the lyrics of All Too Well.

A growing number of Swifties claim the scarf is a metaphor for virginity in that track, given that the narrator (kind of) gives it to a boyfriend and he still has it long after they split. Or maybe it’s just a scarf… who knows?

The rings

Taylor’s rings caught fans’ attention in the video. (Credit: YouTube)

If you look closely, you’ll spot not one but two easter eggs on Taylor’s fingers in the video; the Red ring and a red ring. Yes, they’re different.

THE Red ring is the same design she wore for the cover of the re-released album, which is supposedly a nod to a similar ring she wore while writing the original album, only that one said “Love”.

Blake Lively posted this snap just days before the video dropped. (Credit: Instagram)

The second ring is a large, jewelled ring that features what looks like a massive ruby in the shape of a heart in the centre. If it looks familiar, that’s because Blake Lively posted an Instagram photo wearing the exact same ring last week, when she attended an event in New York.

Given that Blake actually wrote and directed the video, we shouldn’t be surprised that she went home with some Taylor merch.

The cake

What messages are hidden in the frosting? What are you trying to tell us, Taylor?? (Credit: YouTube)

It may just look like a regular wedding cake, but the multi-tiered masterpiece in the video is packed with hidden references and meanings.

If you look closely at the icing designs on the cake, you’ll spot the numbers 13, Taylor’s favourite number, and 26, which is I Bet You Think About Me’s track number on the Red re-release. But could it also be a hint about which album she’ll drop next? Fans theorized that because Taylor was 26 when she released the 1989 album, this could be a clue she plans to re-record it next.

Does that bird look familiar to anyone else, or are we actually losing our minds? (Credit: YouTube)

They also noticed that the cake featured the Red and “Love” ring designs, as well as some birds one fan claimed looked like the bird on the shirt Taylor wore on the cover of the 1989 album. Okay, they may be reaching there… unless? There are similar birds on the table decorations too.

Taylor also destroyed a white cake in her video for Blank Space, which was from the 1989 era. The evidence is really starting to pile up.

There’s also a hint that Taylor may be planning another collab with Ed Sheeran on his album =, as she draws a similar symbol on the cake when she first eats some icing off it. That could also be a coincidence, but the pair have worked together a few times before so we wouldn’t put it past her!

The hat

Okay, we KNOW this is a reference to the OG album. (Credit: YouTube)

We all recognize THAT hat! During her Red era, Taylor performed at the 2012 Grammys in an incredible bejewelled ringleader costume, complete with a top hat encrusted in red sparkling gems. Now, this may not be the EXACT same hat, but it looks almost identical and we’re totally counting this as a fun throwback to the OG Red era.

Who could forget this iconic outfit? (Credit: Getty)

The credits

Taylor included a cute reference to the track Starlight in the credits, with a line reading: “And to all of our families who supported us as we dream impossible things.”

If that sounds super familiar, it’s because it’s a reference to the line: He was tryna to skip rocks on the ocean saying to me / ‘Don’t you see the starlight, starlight / Don’t you dream impossible things’”

Too sweet! (Credit: YouTube)

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