Shawn Mendes Just Revealed That He Has A Thing For Older Ladies

Say what now?!

There’s basically no one we’re crushing on harder than Shawn Mendes rn and we’re not alone. But apparently having half the world lusting after him means he virtually never gets lucky… if you know what we mean.

Opening up to Billboard about his love life, Shawn admitted that despite having MILLIONS of female fans he tries not to date them.

“You’re one person. You can’t let them take everything from you. Because they will – not in a malicious way. They just love you. You have to be careful,” he said. “Being a sex symbol isn’t cool unless you’re in love with a girl and she calls you a sex symbol.”

He also revealed that sex is basically “impossible” because of his fame and that he kinda has a thing for older ladies. Didn’t see THAT coming!

Yup, apparently his song ‘Patience’ is about “a girl older than me who I hooked up with, but the next day was so scared because of how young I was. I have a sore spot for older people who are weird around younger people.”  

But don’t worry, he’s DEFS still boyfriend goals: “The second I feel about a girl the way I feel about music is when I know.” Nawwww!

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