Selena Gomez Was Just Accused Of The Most Hurtful Rumours About The Weeknd & Bella Hadid

And they involve The Weeknd & Bella Hadid.
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Selena Gomez has been accused of purposely trying to make The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid jealous and the claims will seriously infuriate you!

According to Radar Online, Sel is worried her boo isn’t completely over the model, which is why she’s showing off their love fest on social media and taking trips together, to basically rub it in Bella’s face.

“Selena is still hugely paranoid he still has feelings for Bella, so she wants to grind her into the dirt while the going’s good,” a ‘source’ supposedly spilled to Radar.

Apparently, the singer is even trying to make sure they never get back together.

“She figures that by rubbing Bella’s face in it and sending the message loud and clear that they’re together and in love, she’ll ruin any chance of them reuniting down the line,” the so-called ‘insider’ continued.

But this is the hardest part of the report to hear. Just like when she accused of using ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber for attention, the source is also saying Sel isn’t actually in love with The Weeknd and she’s only dating him to get “back in the spotlight”

“Selena insists she loves The Weeknd, but everyone knows the guy’s being used. She just wants to be back in the spotlight and hates being alone.”

WHOA. Selena has had to put up with some very hurtful rumours in her career but this has gone WAY too far! She’s clearly one of the ~sweetest~ people EVER so how could any of this possibly be true? Leave the poor girl alone!

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