Perrie Edwards Speaks Out Over Louis Tomlinson’s Arrest

Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards has defended Louis Tomlinson over all the dramz that went down at LAX airport.
The Brit singer says he was just doing what all protective boyfriends would do if they felt their girlfriend was under attack.

“It’s a hard situation because you don’t know how you would act unless you’re in that situation, but Louis is such a nice guy,” Pez said on Canadian show etalk

“When you watch the video, all he’s doing is protecting his girlfriend like any normal guy would, but because he’s in what was one of the biggest bands in the world people are just going to be constantly on him, which I think is unfair for him and Eleanor.”

She said it’s hard for celebs in the spotlight because their privacy is constantly being invaded.

“I just think that sometimes people can forget that you’re a human being. Like, they get so caught up in the fact that they see you on TV and it’s not real life to them,” added the singer.
(Credit: Getty Images)
Louis was arrested over the weekend (he’s out on bail) at LAX airport after a scuffle with paparazzi involving himself and girlfriend Eleanor Calder. 

The police report and story that was given to media stated that Louis initiated the fight and “pulled the photographer to the ground”.

Radar Online has footage of the incident HERE if you’d like to see what happened for yourself. 

He has been taken into custody and was later released on a $20,000 US bond, with a court date set March 29. 

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