Miley Cyrus Says She Hates This Iconic Photo Of Her And Liam Hemsworth

And this is why...
Getty ImagesGetty Images
See that photo up there? Miley Cyrus reckons it’s awful. Well not that ~exact~ one but one from that night! We can honestly say we adore all those snaps and many others must as well because they’re probably the most iconic photos of her and fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

The snap was taken on the Vanity Fair Oscar party red carpet at the height of their relationship (pre-breakup and re-engagement) back in 2012. They look so schmick, so happy and so in love. But not enough for Miley who re-shared it last night in honour of the 2017 Oscars and said she “looks weird”.
You crazy gurl?! You look AH-MAZING! She definitely looks different to the Miley of now but “weird” is 100% not a word we’d use to describe her there. Guess we’re always our toughest critics…

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