Fans Are Convinced Kylie Jenner Just Revealed The Gender Of Her Second Baby

Did you spot the sneaky clue?
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It’s the story that’s taken over our minds, bodies and souls for the past few weeks: Kylie Jenner is reportedly expecting her second bub. 

And now, the reality TV star is dropping some pretty major clues about her the gender of her unborn baby.

The pregnancy rumours first began to bubble away at the source of all breaking news: TikTok. A few eagle-eyed fans made deep-dive videos, after noticing Kylie had been uploading photos with the same plain French manicure for a while, suggesting she was using old pics to “cover” her pregnancy on social media.

It would sound absolutely wild, if it wasn’t exactly the kind of thing she did to hide her pregnancy from the world the first time around.

The story gained some traction when the family’s favourite network – E! Newsconfirmed the happy baby news with quotes from a close source. Which is as good as saying “quotes from Kris Jenner” as fans well know by now.

So, fans are now keenly keeping an eye over all of Kylie’s social media channels for even the slightest of updates.

Their latest detective work involves Kylie’s Instagram. Specifically, a post shared earlier this week of her daughter Stormi posing in a Space Jam t-shirt, white pants and sneakers. She looks cooler than most adults, as always, but that’s besides the point.

In the caption, Kylie wrote “favourite girl” with a blue heart emoji.

Bit weird to say your daughter is your favourite girl if you’re expecting another girl, no? CUE THE LAW AND ORDER THEME SONG – we’ve cracked the case!

Sure enough, the post was bombarded with “it’s a boy!” comments making up a large portion of the 46k comments.

Kylie, 24, herself is yet to officially address the pregnancy, which isn’t exactly surprising considering the last time she was expecting she waited until after delivery to confirm the news.

However, a source recently told US Weekly that Kylie and partner Travis Scott had been “trying for a year” to fall pregnant again – hoping to give a sibling to three-year-old Stormi Webster. 

“Kylie really wanted her siblings to be close in age because she feels close to Kendall and wants that for Stormi,” the insider told the publication.

While we wait to hear from Kylie and Travis about their growing family, we’ll enjoy keeping up with the clues on the ‘gram. 

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