Katy Perry Grabbed Shawn Mendes’ Butt At The iHeartRadio Awards!

And fans are PEEVED.
Getty Images
Footage of Katy Perry allegedly grabbing Shawn Mendes’ butt at the iHeartRadio Awards last Sunday has gone viral and it’s brought up all sorts of issues about double standards and sexual harassment.

Here’s what went down. Shawn was being interviewed on the red carpet and as he’s trying to answer a question he becomes distracted and stops, telling the hosts, “Someone was just touching my butt. Sorry.”
Once they realise who it was, the three of them laugh it off. “Oh, it was Katy Perry who was touching my butt,” Shawn says, looking pretty surprised. “I should have turned around.”

Shawn, clearly pretty shook, can’t even continue the conversation, explaining that he’s a big fan of Katy’s. “Sorry, I’m just stunned. “I’ve never met her before.”

At first, first the awkward moment was seen as a joke.
But now people are also pointing out that if the roles were reversed and a 32-year-old man had touched the butt of an 18-year-old woman, no one would be laughing. That would be classed as sexual assault (and rightly so).
It’s also important to note that when one of the hosts jokingly suggested Shawn grab Katy’s butt back he, of course, shut the idea down, replying, “No, I cannot do that. That’s not a game. That’s not a joke.” What an angel!

Katy hasn’t addressed the controversy yet but we’re interested to hear her thoughts on the matter.

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