Kanye West’s Baby Cousin Has Tragically Died

Sending lots of love to the family

Tragic news for Kanye West and his family over night as news that his cousin’s baby son, Avery Anderson, has died at just over one year old.

Outlets are reporting the cause of death is unknown but Avery passed away in his sleep, leading many to believe it is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) related. Ricky works with his famous cousin at his record label and the family are very close-knit. After all the tragedy the Kardashian-West’s have experienced in the last year, we can’t even imagine how they’re feeling right now. 

Avery’s father Ricky Anderson shared the news on Instagram saying: “Today was the worst day of my life!! I lost my lil man and gained an angel! Rest in Paradise!!!! I love you man”

While Avery’s mum Erica shared this heartbreaking message: “This life in so unfair. I love you with everything inside me and it is with incredible, unbearable pain that I will have to try to find the strength to do a single thing without you. I am so grateful for being able to spend almost 17 months with you. You brought me so much happiness and I’m so proud of how hard you fought. Thank you for all the laughs, cuddles, hugs and kisses, you took care of me in a way no one else could. My heart is forever broken. I love you so much, mommy is with you.”

Rest in peace Avery

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