iHeartRadio’s Zayn Malik/Fifth Harmony Best Video Award Mixup Is WORSE Than The Oscars

If you thought the Best Picture fail at the Oscars was bad, this seriously takes the cake!
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As you probably heard, Zayn won Best Music Video for ‘Pillowtalk’ at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday. The singer couldn’t pick up his award since he was in France for Paris Fashion Week but he did post this cute acceptance speech featuring none other than girlfriend and “co-star” Gigi Hadid.
But here’s the awkward part. Zayn didn’t actually win! Turns out the votes were counted incorrectly and the Best Video award was meant to go to Fifth Harmony and Ty Dolla $ign for ‘Work From Home’.
But it gets worse. iHeartRadio didn’t just own up to their mistake à la Oscars. Nope, they decided to remove every single mention of Zayn’s Best Video win from ALL their pages and MAKE UP a totally random new category, Best Solo Breakout, which confused the hell outta everyone!
Um, did they really think the fandom wouldn’t notice?! Zayn’s fans were obviously really peeved and pretty soon #iHeartWasRigged started trending on Twitter.
iHeartRadio has since apologised for the confusion but they’re still not admitting that they literally pulled a new category outta nowhere so Zayn could win.
What do you guys think about the mix up??

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