‘iCarly’ Stars Danielle Morrow And Jeremy Rowley Just Had A Baby!

Lewbert and Nora had a son for real!!!

If you’re an iCarly fan you’ll already know that Lewbert the doorman and Nora, the ultimate fangirl, are married IRL. Now the Nickelodeon stars Jeremy Rowley and Danielle Morrow have welcomed their first child together, a boy!

Sharing a cute snap of Jeremy sharing a high-five with their son, Danielle said: “My boys like to start the day off with a high-five. 👋🏻👋🏻’ The couple haven’t released their bub’s name yet, but we couldn’t be happier for the pair!

The couple kept the news on the DL but did share a snap on new year of Danielle with a HUGE baby bump!

Legit us rn 👇 Congrats guys!!!

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