Ian Somerhalder And His Wife Nikki Reed Did The WEIRDEST Thing On Their Second Date

We dunno if we'd have stuck around even with his pretty eyes

Nikki Reed is truly blessed to be married to Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder. Guy is gorgeous! And likes cats. But we’re kinda realising our dreams of wedded bliss with Ian probably wouldn’t have happened even if he wasn’t taken, because what he got Nikki to do on their second date would have left us scratching our heads and getting our BFF to call with an ’emergency’. 

What’s so weird you ask? Well Ian treated Nikki to a session in a hyperbaric chamber! Not sure what that is? It’s a giant chamber you’d see in a sci-fi movie that helps pump more oxygen into your body thanks to crazy amounts of air pressure.

We’re claustrophobic just thinking about it! However the health benefits are supposedly off the chain and Ian ~knows~ it’s an odd date spot.

While on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Ian revealed he’s a huge fan: “You get into this thing and there’s 98% oxygen pumping into it. Basically it’s ten litres per minute of oxygen that you would ever get in the atmosphere, so it’s pressure cooking oxygen into your largest organ. They’re amazing,”

In fact, he even claims it’s how his relationship with his wife, who he married in 2015, went so smoothly and fast: “I put Nikki in it on our second date and all I’m saying is 10 months to the day we were married. It speeds everything up.”

You do you Ian, you do you…

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