Ed Sheeran Sent This YouTuber The Sweetest Message After They Got In Trouble For Covering His Music

Ed is the BEST!

Ed Sheeran has proven once again what a top notch guy he is, we bloody love ya Ed! A fan of his, Charlotte Campbell, had her teaser of a cover of his song ‘Castle On The Hill’ removed by Facebook under copyright restrictions Charlotte took to her YouTube channel to let fans know she was now BLOCKED from Facebook!

Telling subscribers on that Facebook had officially blocked her from uploading new content or even talking to her 13,000 FB fans, Charlotte wasn’t sure what to do about the removed video or how to fix it. In swooped Ed with a PERSONAL message on Charlotte’s page, apologising for it all!!!

(Credit: YouTube)

Naturally Charlotte was OVER THE MOON at the personal response and tweeted her excitement: “I’ve been an @edsheeran fan for about 7 years now so I couldn’t believe this when I saw it 🙉 Thank You Ed. Ever the gentleman.”

Charlotte’s cover is on YouTube for you to get goosebumps over 👇

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