TikTok won’t stop arguing about wheels and doors and how did this debate even come about?

It's the 2022 version of "Is the dress White and Gold or Blue and Black?".
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Remember the “Is the dress White and Gold or Blue and Black?” debate of 2015? Yeah, well now 2022 has a different debate – and it’s just as pointless. But we’re absolutely lapping it up.

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The question is… “Are there more wheels or more doors in the world?”.

TikTok has been viciously debating the topic, with Team Wheels bringing up trolleys, office chairs, hot wheels, and more. And then there’s the Team Door camp that reminds us of hotel doors, skyscrapers, advent calendars, etc.

So, where did this debate originate? 

Are there more wheels or doors in the world? (Credit: TikTok)

While it’s been absolutely consuming our TikTok pages for the last few days, the question was actually first posed on Twitter by Ryan Nixon. The results (as you can see below) were pretty close… with Team Wheels having a *slight* upper hand.  

Once TikTok caught wind of the debate, it became impossible to open the app without being inundated with arguments for both sides. 

Below, we’ve compiled some of the top TikToks for both teams so that you can come to your own conclusion in the Great Wheel Vs. Door debate of 2022. 

Team Wheels

Team Doors

So, there you have it… Team Wheels or Team Doors? You decide. 

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