Did The Weeknd Just Throw Shade At Selena Gomez On Instagram?

Fans think Abel's cryptic comment is a diss at his girlfriend

Uh uh, trouble in paradise? Probs not, but some fans seem to think Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have hit a rough patch after he uploaded a pic of himself on stage with the caption: “i don’t really care if you cry.”

Many Selenators are calling him out for the shade, saying he doesn’t deserve her!

Fans seem to think it’s aimed at Selena with many commenting: “I hope it’s not selena please 😫don’t judge her,” “U think u don’t care if selena cries? How rude😣😩” and most awkwardly, “Don’t know why selena chose u.”

However we seriously doubt it’s a diss at Selly. Like… Why would he? PLUS the caption is actually lyrics from a song by Lil Uzi called ‘Push Me To The Edge’. 

But hey, we’ll let you decide if this is a case for the Shade Police or not!

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