‘Dance Moms’ Star Maddie Ziegler Gets Real About Her Relationship With Abby Lee Miller

And the fact she's NEVER watched a full episode of the hit show!

Maddie Ziegler may have moved on from Dance Moms, but the show is still a HUGE part of her life… or is it? Speaking to PEOPLE, Maddie made a shock confession we NEVER saw coming: she’s NEVER seen a full episode!

Her reason for it kinda makes sense though, she’s already seen it in some ways: “We lived through it, so I don’t feel like we have to watch it, and it was just so much drama that I don’t want to see it again,” Maddie explained.

As for how she feels about the show looking back on it, Maddie is a little cryptic in her responses. Rumours of a strained relationship between coach Abby Lee Miller and her students have been rife, and Maddie herself spilled on how she sees it all now: “I learned a lot of lessons. I had the craziest time when I was with her and on that team. I’m really glad that I did move on from that, and I did learn a lot from her and we did have some fun times. But I feel like now, I’ve never been happier in my life. I was stressed at 11 years old, which shouldn’t happen!”

So what has this taught Maddie for the future? It’s pretty simple really: “A trophy doesn’t mean anything!” she says.

Maddie is now keen to follow her heart and that’s led to her writing a book! “I’ve always been the type of person who really enjoys writing stories. So when I found out I would be writing books, I was so excited that I got started right away!” The Maddie Diaries will be her ‘tell-all’ type memoir and is out now!

Well sign us up girl! We’ll 100% be checking this read out for some ~juicy~ goss!

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