People have uncovered that Charlie Puth is a Trump supporter


Charlie Puth is a Donald Trump supporter. Well, at least according to TikTok that’s recently gone viral and all this screenshot evidence.

In case you’ve missed it, speculation about the pop singer’s political views has kicked off yet again after a TikTok went viral claiming that he’s a Trump supporter. The TikTok account who made the video in question is called @theangryleftist and named a bunch of celebs who “are actually filthy Trump supporters.” Puth appears first in the video, followed by Clueless actress Stacey Dash Jon Voight and Ted Nugent.

Puth fans are claiming the video is false, and pointing to the fact Puth has ‘liked’ pro-Biden tweets. But, as we’ll get to, there’s some pretty compelling evidence otherwise.

Per there are some pretty clear screenshots from his old Facebook account in 2016, where Puth is in full support of Trump during the election.

Charlie’s own family members and friends interacted with the posts that he shared. 


FOTP gossip forum found a bunch of Charlie’s pro-Trump posts, and user named Hermione put them all together in 2016. 

One of the most surprising posts on the page suggested that he signed a petition that demanded to have Hillary Clinton to be locked up. K Puth.



Now either Charlie has had a change of heart since then, or he’s showing a different face to the world.

Ironically, Charlie sang for the crowd during the March For Our Lives protest, which called to end gun violence – something Donald Trump supports.

“There’s such a theme of change happening,” he said before singing a new song from his upcoming album.

What is the most confusing/upsetting is a post Charlie made on his Facebook the day after the Orlando nightclub shooting.

He shared a post by Aton Ben-Horin, a music producer who he has previously worked with. It suggested that being politically correct was more important than gun control.

“Yes, gun control laws is part of the problem in this specific case, and I agree that background checks and restrictions need to be stepped up. But the bigger change that needs to happen has nothing to do with guns. It’s time to take the political correctness out of America. People are more concerned with hurting people’s feelings than saving lives. You can’t call someone racist for wanting tougher screenings and background checks. It’s common sense.”


Charlie has since set his Facebook to private, but some things can still be seen. Like how Charlie supported the Republican comedian Steven Crowder, who makes jokes about Islam, feminism, slut-shaming women for having sex before marriage. Here are some of his videos: Moderate Islam: A MYTH!“, “Ugly Feminist Bitches About Marriage! Smackdown Ensues…” and “Spot the Tranny Game!


But lordy lord IT DOESN’T EVEN END THERE!!!

He slut-shamed Kim Kardashian by liking this meme:


In 2015, Charlie revealed that he won’t talk about politics. “It’s probably better to never, ever talk about political things because people hate you,” he told Rolling Stone mag. “They’ll beat me up if I say something wrong.”

He’s not the only straight white male celeb whose made some social media faux pas when it comes to politics this year. Riverdale‘s KJ Apa was also “outed” as a Trump supporter after he shared a video spreading false information about COVID-19. 


We’re exhausted.

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