Bella And Gigi Hadid Had The Ultimate Sister Moment After Running Into Bella’s Ex The Weeknd

Those runway reunions, they'll get ya!
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At today’s Paris Fashion Week show for H&M Studio all eyes were firmly placed on Bella Hadid, as her recent ex-boyfriend The Weeknd was there too… as a performer. He sang to the crowd, while she strut down the runway, and the internet is losing it over her sister moment with Gigi Hadid (who was also walking). 

The pair may have had a very sweet reunion on the Victoria’s Secret runway in December, but that was before he had a new girlfriend… you know Selena Gomez?

Fans are loving this most recent encounter though because Bella and Gigi share some major side-eye and it’s just SO sisterly our hearts are going “YAAASSS BOYS SUCK!” (Soz boys). 

However some people are saying there’s even more to the story here! A source told Hollywood Life that ‘Nothing Without You’, the song Abel was performing, was a song he used to sing to Bella!

“Bella’s friends were shocked by the song he chose to sing. He used to sing the chorus (I’m nothing without you) to her all the time. And then he goes and sings that when he knows she’ll be walking on the runway. It was very emotional for Bella but she didn’t let anyone see her sweat.”

Hmmm we can guarantee there’s some tracks off The Weeknd’s Starboy album that are about or inspired by Bella, but we highly doubt he sang it to mess with her while she walked. Odds are H&M thought it was a cool track and chose it for him. We get their breakup wasn’t awesome but they ~really~ don’t seem like the sort of exes who would sabotage each other!

This article originally appeared on Instyle Australia.

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