Apparently Blac Chyna’s Neighbours Called The Police When Rob Kardashian Came To Visit Dream

Talk about a very odd drama!
Blac Chyna and Rob KardashianGetty Images
Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are trying to make their intense relationship work, but sadly the police have been called in by the neighbours. The pair are split up though and no one can say what the issue was… talk about a very odd drama!

TMZ  reports that neighbours called police when Rob showed up at his former home with Blac. Law enforcement sources have told the publication that police were in the gated community Tuesday for an unrelated matter, when some of the neighbours approached them about the couple.

They complained that “riffraff” and “thugs” were jumping the front wall to avoid security, before entering Blac and Rob’s house. They also complained that Rob parks his car on the front lawn because Chyna’s fleet takes up the parking spaces. They also claimed that there is “unbearable noise” at all hours.

While cops reportedly told the disgruntled community members that this was not a matter for police, the neighbours continued on to explain that this is an “affluent” neighbourhood and they were concerned Rob and Chyna would bring property values down.

Is this for real? Despite the weird complaints, Rob seems to be enjoying his time back with his family.
However there is some sad news for fans of the pair; season 2 of Rob & Chyna will probably NOT be happening. ET has reached out to E! for confirmation and got this cyrptic response: “We are continuing to shoot with all the family members, and are covering Rob and his relationship with Chyna.”

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