A Justin Bieber Pop-Up Shop Is Coming To Australia!

Expect Kanye level lines
Sel's Canadian ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber

If you missed out on tickets to Justin Bieber‘s shows Down Under, fear not! You still have a chance for a taste of Biebs because he’s launching a pop-up shop!

Odds are he got the idea after Kanye West‘s super popular pop-up saw insanely long lines and ‘SOLD OUT’ signs everywhere, but who cares who came up the with the idea, there’s exclsuive Purpose goodies at our fingertips!!!

So far there are only locations and dates for Sydney and Melbourne:

Expect some loooooong lines like the Yeezy pop-up’s guys! But don’t let it deter you, JB’s Purpose merch is next level! Will you be going?

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