69 Thoughts We Had While Watching ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Finale

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The end of an era has come… The final Vampire Diaries episode EVER has aired and it was the finale to end all finales! Before we get underway, this post contains MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR spoilers! So if you haven’t watched the last episode, ‘I Was Feeling Epic’, this will probably ruin it for you. But if you’ve experienced the awesomeness, or want to follow along, please proceed…

  1. Thanks for the recap, but don’t need it, LOL!
  2. Lucky Caroline’s here! Oh wait…
  4. So does she (her soul?) live inside Bonnie?!
  5. Is this real life?!?! 😭
  6. No it’s NOT how it’s supposed to be! WTF! NO!
  7. Is this heaven?
  8. Enzo you damn hero!
  9. He could do that tbh Vicky…
  10. Matt still seems to be surprised by EVERYTHING after all this time. Bless you Donavan lol.
  11. Ahhh the old Mystic Falls ‘gas leak’.
  14. ARGH! THIS WAS NOT IT! Should have known…
  15. Wait, so where’s Elena now?
  16. No offence Katherine but so sick of your sass after 8 years.
  17. Stefan Salvatore is here for it! Human you rocks bb!
  18. Ric is literally in this to say no to everyone and remind them they have lives.
  19. Katherine really though of everything that bi- err… evil lady!
  20. How do you kill her?!?!
  21. Ok, all the bad guys are in cahoots. We’re done.
  22. That whole Stefan vs. Damon thing is sooooo played, your plan sucks Katherine.
  23. No more goodbyes Steroline! NO WE FORBID IT!
  24. You’re married though! You’re family!!!
  25. Bonnie is actually the smartest. Y’all would be lost without her. Lost we tell you!
  26. How come every time they kill Katherine she comes back dressed sexier?
  27. Wait, why is Damon dying? Did we miss this decision making process?
  28. The first 20 mins have just been goodbyes!
  29. Omg no Stefan. You’re breaking our hearts!
  30. YOU TWO 💔
  31. Damon don’t!!!!
  32. No, why?! HATE THIS.
  33. Wish we’d had Papa Donovan join the series earlier.
  34. Can Bonnie do this?! *feeling nervous*
  35. Always felt so, so bad for Vicky 😟
  36. When Caroline cries we cry.
  37. Our hearts are legit about to explode.
  38. Cannot stop crying. Bonnie you dead-set legend! Bennett witches unite!!!
  39. Wait, is this the real Elena?
  40. Ah ha sneaky Stefan!
  41. Damon’s human?! OMG!!!
  42. No Stefan 😭 😭 😭! Can’t breathe 💔
  43. We love Damon too Stefan!
  44. Our feelings are shredded. 
  45. Cannot.
  46. What about Caroline?!
  47. LEXI!!!! Heaven exists!!!!
  48. She’s really here!
  49. Wait… Is Bonnie lying? Oh, she told her…
  50. Oh Caroline 😢
  51. Wonder what Stefan told Elena…
  52. THIS MOMENT!!! ❤️
  53. We know! And our hearts so so sad!
  54. Hahaha Matt keeps a diary?! 
  55. Vicky + Tyler! 
  56. Ok ghost boyfriend is a bit odd but handy we guess.
  57. A school! YES!!!
  58. Josie looking at her girls and Ric!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH! 💗
  59. Nice of you to show up Jeremy! This is too much but. 
  60. Mrs Forbes 😲 The whole gang is here!!!
  61. Ah ha! Knew Klaus would come swooping in!
  62. RING ALERT! Damon and Elena are married!!!
  63. How is Elena seeing her family?!
  64. Oh. Oh okay…
  66. How many years in the future is this?!
  67. Salvatore Bros 4 Eva 💖
  68. This show isn’t even about Elena… it’s about brotherly love and we are just… so so happy.
  69. BUT, spin-off show about a school for magical kids? We can call it X-Men or something…? 

Thanks for the last 8 years TVD

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